Yes, I have given up the chase to collect all his stuff known to man or myself for that matter. It's not because of financial issues, its just I'm tired of collecting him. Of course I will keep his rookie card and maybe 1 of his autos, but realize that maybe a Redsox fan wouldn't mind having them either or someone that collects HOFer gu of that sort. I'll post some scans and a link to them. I tallied up the book values and came to 97. I'll trade down to 70. Looking for a nicer HOFer in return. Don't mind checking buckets. Some stuff may not be scanned, so here is a list:

2005 Donruss Greats Redsox Nation Bobby Doerr "B" gu -BV 20.00
2003 Topps Tribute Gu Doerr - BV 15.00
2005 Prime Cuts MLB Icons Doerr gu /50- BV 10.00
2004 Leaf Limited Threads Doerr gu /50- BV - 10.00
2005 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads Doerr gu /200- BV 6.00
2005 Upper Deck Sp Legendary cuts Lasting Legends Doerr gu- BV 5.00
2005 Upper Deck Sp Legendary cuts Glory Days Doerr 1 color patch /50 BV 15.00
2005 Upper Deck Trilo3y Generations Lumber Doerr gu /115-BV 8.00
2004 Upper Deck Sp Legendary cuts Significant Swatches Doerr gu- BV 8.00

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