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Full Version: Dwight (urbanmonk) joins the Collector Zone Team
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It is my pleasure to announce that Dwight (urbanmonk) has joined the TCC Collector Zone Team.

Dwight will be a valuable addition as he works with the team to:

1. Further develop and support our forums (Football and Hockey).

2. Provide general assistance and support to members.

3. Perform moderation of topics, posts and members (e.g., making sure topics are in proper forums, editing various forms of inappropriate language, issuing suspensions when needed).

4. Complete transactions and serve as an impartial assistant to resolve any transaction-related issues (including issuing restrictions when needed).

5. Encourage overall activity through the posting of thought-provoking topics and/or hobby headlines, articles and more as well as hosting contests and/or giveaways.

6. Maintain a positive, family-friendly tone and environment throughout the Collector Zone.

We're very happy to have Dwight take on this new role. His well known low budget box breaks, hobby knowledge, generosity, work on membership team have enhanced the site. His addition will certainly advance the successes of TCC and the Collector Zone.

Please help all of us in welcoming Dwight (TCC's own Cousin Itt) to the team.

An excellent addition and an example
for every member on this site.

Dwight, I am proud to have you on
the team. Nice to have another
"long-haired, hippie type" on the
team. Ban the barbers!

Collect Hard!,
Congratulations Dwight! You've absolutely had the most impact on me since I've joined this site, and I'm thankful. It's awesome to see you get rewarded for all you do around the site!
Congratulations, Dwight! Looking forward to having you use the tools to complete all those transactions related to your group box breaks as part of your new role! laugh.gif

Your account has been updated to reflect this change, so you'll now find that you have access to the "lounge" as well as a few upgrades to your account. wink.gif
Congrats Dwight but I hate to see you go!
Congrats Dwight - very well deserved!
QUOTE(ffman @ Apr 30 2009, 11:12 PM)
Congrats Dwight but I hate to see you go!

Yes. We're hoping that Cody will begin speaking again with Brian and Richard soon. tongue.gif laugh.gif

QUOTE(RGBII @ Apr 30 2009, 08:03 PM)
Ban the barbers!

Collect Hard!,


Woohoooo now if we could convince my wife of that wink.gif or least take her scissors away

Yes. We're hoping that Cody will begin speaking again with Brian and Richard soon.


Thanks all, I hope I can live up to the expectations smile.gif

I don't know if I should be happy or sad sad.gif

congrats, Dwight!
woohooo more free donuts!!
Congrats Dwight!
Congrats Dwight! Well deserved!
Sweet!! pepsi.gif another caveman laugh.gif ..C-grats!!
QUOTE(marcus42 @ May 1 2009, 12:06 AM)
I don't know if I should be happy or sad sad.gif

congrats, Dwight!


Congrats good sir!
Welcome to the Team! smile.gif
Thanks all smile.gif
2000 rushing yards
Congrats Dwight!
Belated Congrats Dwight.
I don't know why I didn't comment here earlier. Guess I'm still giddy with my own promotion. tongue.gif
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