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Full Version: 2008 Razor Cut Letterman
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I am thinking of buying a pack from my Hobby Store, and by looking at the baseball products Razor Letterman caught my eye. Let me know what you think on this product.
Johnny Number 5
great stuff

Johnny: Have you busted any of this product. Also can you let me know what are the good player Letterman Autos you can get.
I have bought just about a full box of this product, and I must say that these are nice cards. The only "bad" thing about them is that just like any other baseball rookie you get, you won't know if they are going to be any good for a couple of years. But I do think that Kyle Skipworth and Buster Posey are in this set, and they are a pretty safe bet!
Its ok.. you are guaranteed an auto and if you like prospects its ok!
btw i busted a full case.

highlights would be like brett wallace and pedro alvarez or other top picks signed by razor.. but you can also get Pete Rose!! or a redemption for a full USA jersey!

I did get a lot of whozits but optimistically todays whozits could be tomorrows HOFers.. or Not!! laugh.gif
I am assuming I will have to dive into Razor soon too. The products looked good to me and since I am going to want a Steven Strasburg prospect card (To go with the USA baseball auto) I am going to have to get 09 Razor. he is most likely going to be the number one pick and if year two razor hold true I am expecting an exclusive deal.
Don't do it if you are looking to get your money back. Terrible re-sale value.

Also, don't get your hopes up for an exclusive Strasburg deal.
You think. Well honestly I hope not. I hope you are right HALLS. I was just basing it on the exclusves from last year. I really hope you are right though.
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