Selling this Sweet Vintage Game System!!! SHOOT ME AN OFFER!!!

List of games:

Game Condition
Super Mario 2 Mint-NM
Top Gun Mint-NM
Super Mario Bros./ Duck Hunt Some marks on outside. (NO GUN)
John Elways Quarterback Mint-NM
RBI Baseball Mint-NM
The Legand of Zelda (Gold) Mint-NM
Metroid Mint-NM
The Original Donkey Kong 3 Mint-NM
Golf Mint-NM
Pro Wrestling Mint-NM
Gyromite Mint-NM
R.C. Pro-Am Mint-NM
Skate or Die Mint-NM
Jaws Mint-NM
Double Dragon Mint-NM
Jeopardy Mint-NM
Marble Madness Mint-NM
Wizards & Warriors Mint-NM
Paintball Mint-NM
Slalom Mint-NM
Spy Hunter Mint-NM
Kung Fu Mint-NM

i can get pictures of these if needed...

Probably Looking for about $125 OBO
ebay for same lot sells for around $150-$175