It's been a while since I have been on the boards, looking to see if anyone has decided to trade their Broncos cards yet? I am ONLY looking for Current Player's Gameused or Auto's book for book, or any player I do not already have card of will still trade just want it to be in my favor slightly beings I am taking a player who may not even be plpaying in league any longer. Or willing to buy if price is right.

I pay $1 for any single color GU, $2 for 2 color & $3 for 3 or more color's
Auto's must be pack pulled certified auto's paying price depends on player Minimum is $1 for any player.

I AM NOT TRYING TO BEAT ANYONE DOWN ON THEIR CARDS! Sell if you agree to my offer price. I prefer to trade so hit me up.


Yes I'll still take Cutler cards, gameused or auto's only>