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Full Version: Best Football Product 08
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Just vote for your favorite product.
should be more options. some people like value products, not just high end.

or even mid end stuff for that matter.

threads was nice this year.
NT again is the best of the bunch
threads was nice this year what about UD premier
I voted SP Authentic because I did not bust any of the other products this year.
I'd say Donruss Elite or LCM (but I'm biased as DLP is the best "overall" company in my opinion)

2008 National Treasures.

Bought 2 cases this year and I'm very addicted to them.
Im a huge NT fan, but this years just didnt impress me. I also love SPA but there were so many boxes that were missing hits, i couldnt justify giving them best product of the year. I picked ultimate because I feel they improved the most from previous years.
Had to go with NT..Love some of the old school hits
based on the value of the hits per box i would go with LCM as you got 4 hits and usually got a patch and an auto in each box.
QUOTE(xebulba @ Mar 28 2009, 07:00 AM)
should be more options.  some people like value products, not just high end.

Yep, Upper Deck was my favorite this year because of the fantastic photography... go figure...
I'd love to see Classics or Prestige on the list, frankly.
I vote Classics as well, I very rarely buy the higher end boxes unless I get some birthday money or something. I liked Rookie and Stars too, but that is just me.....

I love Leaf Limited although I did not like some of the very low numbered single color patches. That was stupid. NT was great again also, TL cool.gif
I haven't opened anything on the list, but just based on box breaks and videos I've seen, I'd have to go with National Treasures by a mile.
This years Leaf Rookies and Stars was great for the price. You can get boxes of it for $55.00 delivered, and there are lots of hits, with some sweet patches.

I votes for NT.
I liked Classics for the longest time but the design/subsets haven't changed and it's starting to get stale. I voted for Upper Deck Ultimate over National Treasures because while both sets look incredible, Ultimate still has on-card autos!
NT has some on card autos... but the quad jerseys were the downfall for Ultimate in this race Im afraid
QUOTE(avalanche @ Mar 28 2009, 09:50 PM)
threads was nice this year what about UD premier

I hope thats a joke. UD premier sucks. for football at least.
I am not surprised that 08 NT is voted the best product of 08. I can not wait to see what the best of 09 is?
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