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I was trying to find a sports card show today in Boston at the Bayside Expo Center and ended up in the Wizard World comic and non-sports convention by accident. It was a new experience for me. Just walking thru the parking lot there were guys in their 30's putting on costumes. I have no idea what or who they were suppose to be. There were dealers selling vintage comic books and others selling all kinds of non-sports cards from porno animee cards to some cards where it left me saying to myself what the ... is that suppose to be. There were a lot of artist drawing comics for sale. I guess they were the original artist for the comic books. I don't know the first thing about comic books or non-sports cards. It was interesting to watch them zap them out. I didn't stay at the show long. They gave out a promo bag on the way in and I grabbed a few other goodies walking around. People were waiting in lines to get autographs from the artist.
I did find the sports card show. If you wanted to stretch your imagination calling it that. All it was is someone set up an autograph show for former Red Sox players. I didn't see anyone in line. But it was $10 to get in the door and you had to pay for each autograph. I saw the ad for it in Sports Collectors Digest. From what I was able to see there were no card dealers just tables for autographs. It was an interesting morning tho.
In the past, I've collected a select set of comic books, but have never been to a 'comic con'. That said, I've never been to one of the big sports cards shows either. I like events, but as I've mentioned earlier I'm no fan of crowds.

As far as the interesting costumes, it's no different than when you stumble upon a SCA gathering in the middle of nowhere.

When it gets down to it everybody wears a costume every day in their life.

There's something for everyone out there, and for each of those things there's someone who thinks it's just a bit weird. Keeps life interesting cool.gif

That said, I found it real easy to get lost in beantown myself the first few hours I was there. The bonus being now I think I could find my way around without guidance on a future trip.
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