If you have anything below, please PM me. Yes, I understand these are valuable items and I am not someone that wants them for nothing. If you have anything I am very reasonable and open to negotations. Again, PM please.

Tiger Woods

2002 SPA Extra Limited #46
2002 Course of a Champion Blue/42 Holes #3, 4, 5
2002 Course of a Champion Green Parallel Holes #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 16
2003 SPA Extra Limited #102
2003 SPGU Marks of Greatness MG1-TW
2003 SPGU Signature Swings SWTW1 and SWTW7
2003 UD Renditions Gold/100 #82
2004 Signature Swatches SSTW5
2004 Penned Pin Seekers Silver PS23A
2004 UD Pin Seekers PS23G and PS23S and PS23Silver and PS23Gold (two different kinds of cards with same designation)
2005 SPA Course Classic CC15
2005 Signature Swatches SSTW2, SSTW3, and SSTW5

Jack Nicklaus

2002 SPA Limited/100 #122 and 124
2003 SPGU Winning Scorecard Auto WS-JN
2003 UD Renditions Signature Exhibit Gold
2003 UD JN Golf Birdie Auto GB-JN
2003 UD Palmer/Nicklaus/Nelson WP-Triple Jersey
2003 SOTT Platinum/25
2004 SPA Course Classics Shirt CC-41
2005 SPA Palmer/Nicklaus Prestigious Pairings PP1
2005 Topps Chronicles JN Presidents Cup TC39
2005 SP Signature Triple JNT