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Full Version: Attention all TCC Traders
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All TCC Traders,

I love trading and recieving cards but I must self impose this rule:

I must send first!!!!!

I'm currently having problems with my Postman/Postwoman. They are delivering mail to the wrong address, not delivering mail at all, or holding mail for days on end.

The most recent incident involved my business. My wife and I run a business out of our house and I'm also a freelance as you can imagine, I recieve alot of mail.
Well; my carrier stopped delivering our business mail and left us a note that said we needed to call the branch office. When I call and they inform me that they can't deliver business mail to a residential address?!?! blink.gif WHAT!!!!
They then tell me that I have to rent a box at the branch for all my business transactions. Now, I could understand this if I was recieving bags and bags of mail but your talking maybe two or three letters a day.

Now; I'm having problems with my writing projects. I missed a deadline because they didn't send the document ON THE DAY I gave it to them. Therefore; I've had to start using a private carrier so I have peace of mind.


I'm self imposing this requirement so there are no hard feelings and that I can be assured that you recieve your cards.

(If anybody on this site is a postal carrier, this is not meant to be disrepectful)

I have one trade pending and I've PM'ed him with what is going on.........
Wow, what a self-less and very classy move!

If only all traders cared as much about there trading partners.
Also; please don't let this discourage anyone from trading with me.

Mail carriers are like hobby card traders. You have studs and duds in all walks of life. Thanks for the update!

Thanks guys.

I have to go up there tomorrow and claim the bubble mailer that I sent this last trade in............. It got damaged and opened.

I told umichigan (the TCC'er I'm trading with) that if the cards are damaged, I'll sent his card back with reimbursement for postage.

I'm praying though that the cards are OK and all I have to do is resend them to him..............
Is it just me or does anybody else have problems with their carriers/post office??
QUOTE(cbware88 @ Mar 5 2009, 04:47 PM)
Is it just me or does anybody else have problems with their carriers/post office??

Please don't open the flood gates! laugh.gif laugh.gif
Johnny Number 5
Thats fair

QUOTE(kooljazz1966 @ Mar 5 2009, 05:48 PM)
Please don't open the flood gates!  laugh.gif  laugh.gif

laugh.gif laugh.gif

cb are you looking for any spacific Titans for you pc????/ I got a few you may have a home for me if intrested


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