Spring break is next week and I have to go downtown one day for my tax refund. That means a day of definite trading too.

Let's get a few deals worked out by that time. I am NOT checking Photobuckets since my computer is very vulnerable to whatever mess they keep on getting. Let me know if you have any of these things, of course depending on what I have that you like:

- Sammy Sosa (rare/cool inserts, GU, patches, autographs)
- David Wright (08/09 base/inserts, rookies, GU, patches, autographs)
- Tennessee Titans patches
- Courtney Lee (basketball - EVERYTHING)
- Chris Johnson
- Steve McNair patches/autograph
- Eddie George patches/autograph

My Photobucket is a bit outdated, but we can work around that. The "big" cards that are gone include the CC plate, Pineiro auto /10, Leinart/Smith dual GU, etc.