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Full Version: The focus of your auto collection
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OK I am bored this morning sitting here surfing the net drinkin my coffee and thought i would start a post about everyones auto collection. Who do you collect? teams? players by position? Just what is the focus of your collection. Here is mine.

The #1 priority of my collection is football, I collect the St.Louis Rams, Green Bay Packers, the Lions on a smaller scale and various HOF'ers or players i grew up watching or those i just enjoy watching compete. After football is The Detroit Red Wings,Detroit Tigers & Los Angeles Dodgers I also collect some celebrities & such like i have Desert Storm cards signed by Stormin Norman and Colin Powell and soon am going to try and add George H Bush to them, and i have gotten Katee Sackhoff & Edward James Olmos from the Sci-Fi show Battlestar Galactica. That sums it up for me pretty much,so what is the focus of your collection?
I suppose the "focus" of my collection is the quantity of signatures I can gather; I like to have a little bit of everything. I tend to go for non-sport related names presently and will eventually branch out into active and retired professional wrestlers, but have no problem introducing musicians, athletes or politicians to my collection. I also request child signatures within reason in hopes of having a true collector's piece as time goes on.
I am mainly focusing on Detroit Tigers current and past along with the prospects,retired professional wrestlers/MMA fighters and horror film stars along with the occasional music group.
Running out of names for retired/former tigers
I focus on mainly hockey and some baseball. I have started to collect signed comic books too. I also love getting older players that I like or have hear of, guys who made the sports what they are today. I have a bunch of 1957 Topps baseball cards signed by ex-players and a bunch of reprinted Parkhurst hockey cards signed by ex-hockey players.

I also sent out request to players who played for the SF Giants or other Bay Area teams I follow.

It amazes me how well the old hockey + baseball guys love the fans. Hall of Famers, guys who were/are the best ever, sign freely and will often add cards too. Not like todays players who want money for an autograph (what? making $100k a game isn't enogh to live on? Gotta charge fans for your signature too?) or won't take the time to sign for fans at all.

I actually am into this just for the enjoyment of getting players I like. I usually send only one card, so as to not seem greedy, and if a player signs for me once I almost never ask again. (I did with a few like Matt Cain and Jeremy Roenick because the first ones came back smudged)
On a rare ocasion I get back notes of thanks and even start a correspondence back and forth, like with Matt Carle or Virgil Trucks.
For me it is quality, not quantity, that I enjoy.
I guess for me, it's just getting players I like who I have cards for. Mainly hockey, since we don't really have much in the way of other pro sports here in Canada, though I've received a couple of Blue Jays.
I am focusing on collecting auto'd photos and baseballs of any player who has worn Cubbie Blue. My biggest thrill of the collecting is the development of custom made photos for them to sign. I actually had a player ask if I could send him the original document that I sent him so that he could use it for sending to people and at card show appearances. (I cannot say who, but if you meet him at a card show some day, you may recognize the photo from my postings at, as I will soon be adding his auto to my thread.)

FYI, I can make you custom cards, just PM me and tell me who you want, my "donations" are to cover my expenses of ink, photopaper, and shipping.
19th Century Indiana Jones
On-card/on-equipment autographs only.

Main guys (equipment has priority over cards)
Ichiro Suzuki (still looking for those batting gloves)
Steve Slaton

I will probably try to do the same with Beanie Wells.

There are others, but it is only on a case-by-case basis depending on price and visual appeal.
I'm collecting Rangers. I pick up their big guns, Salty, Young, and Kinsler as I can, but right now I'm getting a lot of Arias, Kiker, ect., because they are the easiest to acquire. I'm just now starting to get back in the swing of things and by the time this summer rolls around I will be up to full steam I hope.
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