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Full Version: Bye Bye TNA
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Really serious. Is TNA going to be around in a few more years?

Angle said in interviews he wouldn't mind going back to WWE, Rhyno is slowly dissapearing from TV, Raven... who knows where he is.. and now X Division guys are being released.

TNA is the WCW of our time. Poor management and egos are running wild.

They destroy storylines weeks after they are established. Samoa Joe needs to get hired by WWE. At least he would be treated better.

Petey Williams would never be allowed to do the Canadian Destroyer in WWE, but I am sure his talent alone would make him a good name there. Bring those guys to WWECW and beef up that show.

I can't watch TNA anymore. It's too painful on my eyes.
Tna has really gone down hill in a very short time. Use to really enjoy watching TNA when it first started out as a weekly pay per view but cant stomach it any longer. if they dont change the way they run things its curtains for TNA sad but true
Samoa Joe needs to get hired by WWE. At least he would be treated better.

I can see Joe suffering the same fate as Manu in WWE. If Joe were to "cut it" he'd amount to nothing more than an ECW title feud with Jack Swagger.

TNA's most fatal mistake was dropping the ball on Scott Steiner after his ACL injury and putting him in a feud with "Maple Leaf Muscle". I'm not a TNA fan so don't know what it was like on Impact, but I caught Against All Odds with some buddies and watching that match was heartbreaking. A complete waste of someone who should hold the world belt.

Is TNA going to be around in a few years? I think you're being generous with giving them "a few" years.
Biggest mistake is Vince Russo! End of discussion...he's reliving WCW with the rebirth/death of NWO with the MEM. Jarrett has never been dumber than now. He thinks "former stars" is/will be his ANSWERS when in fact, the X division was the saving grace for TNA. Now Joe, Styles, Daniels (who?) are forgotten souls in this mess. Nash has sn=ingle handedly killed 110% of Joe's momentum he had TWO years ago (and no Joe's physique does NOT work in WWE).

The MEM is a joke...every week burying the hime grown TNAers. The morale of the locker room has taken a dive again since MEM are phoning it in week after week (Nash, Stiener, Booker and Sting).

Ugh...and what the heck did they do to ODB?!? Man her character is no longer "not just another pretty face, but rather ODB" which really doesn't work. The women still outshine the men in ratings show after show.
Is TNA dead yet?
TNA is heading down the same path that WCW did. Terrible booking and the wasting of young talent will be their ultimate demise. If Panda Energy pulled their financial backing TNA would fold tomorrow. They only finally started to show a profit for the first time at the end of last year! Signing the over 40 established WWE castoffs to big money deals won't take them into the future. Letting guys with gas left in the tank like Christain leave is a bad mistake. I give them 3 more years max unless they change their philosophy quickly.
Main Event Mafia stuff has single handily killed TNA. Everyone in MEM phone it in every week except Angle and Angle is a god at "self promotion". Every TNA face character play dumb like Jay Lethal, Abyss, Styles, Joe, etc. Who wants to cheer for a dummy?

Destination X was unwatchable except for Ultimate X and even then who wants to see Creed?!?

Horrible PPV that was seen by a dying hardcore group.

That said, ratings on Spike TV for TNA Impact have been rising and the highest it's ever been. I guess that justifies the Senior Tour of pro wrestling which is TNA!
I stopped watching TNA weeks ago, and don't miss it one bit.

Jeff Jarrett is too blind to see the truth right in front of him. He let Christian & Gail Kim go back to WWE, and if he isn't careful, there will be a mass exodus by year's end. Angle's made noises about going back, but he was damaged goods when he got to Orlando in the first place. Sonjay Dutt just turned up in Ring of Honor, but I give him less than a year before he goes to WWE.

Vince Russo has to go, but Jarrett doesn't realize this. Neither does Dixie Carter. Talk about the blind leading the blind!
I hope within the year, Rhyno, Angle, Raven, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and others jump ship. Angle I would like to see in the Undertaker or HBK role, wrestling not as often, but still on the show. Angle can break anytime, so he shouldn't wrestle 4 times a week. Save him for PPVs and the occassional Raw or SmackDown.

Booker T burned his bridge by trying to sue McMahon because of the scheduling of Fan Axxess and Booker T's Legends show. Booker new full well what was going to happen, he's just trying to gain attention from this issue.

Samoa Joe need to go to WWE and start out with the IC or US Titles. He won't be WWE's prize-child like Cena is, but he will be better off.

The X-Division guys will get lost in WWE, unless the Cruiserweight title is brought back on ECW.

I started it, I said TNA will die. But will that really happen, in say... two years? Dixie Carter, and I am giving her credit, does not know about a wrestling business, but does know about running a business. Sadly, the two have nothing in common. Jarrett I think is going to call it quits, he has had too much crap in his life lately, and I think he needs to break ties with Russo and go home gracefully. Leave Russo in charge, and he will end up being X-Division champion, David Arquette will win the Legends Title and Doink the Clown will return and win the World Title in a Double Thunderdome-War Games-styled Reverse-Ladder-Match with a Get Out Of Jail Free Card on a pole match. Russo gave a retirement speech at a indy show in Wayne, NJ. He gave the same speech a few weeks later in PA. A few weeks after that in Maine... Get the idea? Russo plays a game, and doesn't care about reality.

I was there at the NJ Retirement speech, and boy. I was in awe. Awe of the junk coming out of his mouth. Most of the people there actually took it seriously. Someone tried to start a "boring" chant and people were shusshing.

Back on topic... TNA is dying a VERY slow death. This is WCW all over again after Russo did his "restart" when he vacated all the titles. There was a glimmer of hope with a lot of the New Blood stable, but sadly the wrong people were used and the old guys took over the show again. Vince should just buy it and put down the horse that is TNA.
Where the werestlers anybodys guess...WWE has little to no interest on most TNA talent. For example, Samoa Joe is grossly out of shape and all the X division guys are too "small"...WWE can only handle one Evan Bourne at a time.
Carter will at some point cut the cord, but deceptively Spike ratings are keeping her around.
TNA will die a SLOW death
In due time, WWE will pick up the copyrights, names and TNA tape collection in bankruptcy court for pennies on the dollar!
Hey you gotta like TNA if Cactus Jack/Mick Foley is Champ right???


Things like having Bobby Lashley make a useless guess appearence is where TNA is digginug their grave deeper
Lashley will wrestle soon.

I still like TNA. Their just a Randy Orton away from being great!
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