Since the regular issue products don't get much attention I thought I'd review 2008-09 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey. I won't bother with the stats and stuff for the release, since you can find that on the product sheets.

I limit myself to one pack of the product, just as if I'm a kid spending his realistic allowance.

From my pack I pulled:
#5 Jeff Schultz (lightning)
#27 Mike Lundin (capitals)
#44 Kristopher Letang (penguins)
#93 Saku Koivu (canadiens)
#124 Robert Nilsson (oilers)
#146 Ole-Kristian Tollefsen (blue jackets)
#168 Daymond Langkow (flames)
#171 Matthew Lombardi (flames)

All base, that's okay, it is one pack after all.

Photography is the usual for the Upper Deck flagship set. My favorite photowise from this lot is Koivu driving the net (even if it's against an Avs goalie mad.gif ), and 7 of the eight are gametime action shots. I realize that not every player is going to have a shot like that for inclusion, but I thought that was pretty good. I've never cared for the shots on the bench, maybe that's just me.

Appearing in silver foil are player names, position in a puck icon, and full team name. I like this last inclusion, since it adds consistency to the product. In past issues the place name was used in lieu of the team name for some teams (turns out this is some type of legal issue, but nonetheless, nice to see a change for consistency...yes, I'm picky even when it comes to my base cards)

Card backs include player stats, a second picture with face and body fade, a short three-line blurb on the players accomplishments, and regular season game stats for up to 10 season lines, as well as a total for all seasons played.

One thing I would like to see added is a rookie year in the stats.

Overall tho, the issue has a nice appearance.