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Full Version: allen and ginter for trade
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updated bucket with cards i have and are looking to trade with im looking to complete my allen and ginter base set w/ the sp's & state set im down to 97 base and sp here is the list for anyone who can help me out and wants to trade thanks
check out my bucket w/ base and sp's in it thanks again and thanks for time

sp's 302,306,308,309,310,312,313,315,318,319,320,321,322,326,330,331,333,339,341,
state 6,10,14,15,17,18,19,22,23,28,30,31,32,36,37,42,46,50

peace and thanks
I can definitely help you out here.
I'm sure I have everything that you need.

I need these
2008 Allen & Ginter Minis with A & G ad


I need these
2008 Allen & Ginter Black Border Minis
7 30 45 193 289 296 301
305 309 314 327 329 330 345 348

I need the following Relics

DO2 David Ortiz Bat
DM Daisuke Matsuzaka Jsy
APB Aaron Pryor A/100
AW Andre Ward A/100
DG Danny Green A/100
EM Edison Miranda A/100
JFB Jeff Fenech A/100
JCJ Joel Casamayor A/100
KP Kelly Pavlik A/100
RM Ray Mancini A/100
AM Archie Moore A/100
NH Nicky Hayden A/250
SW Stevie Williams A/250
BB Bonnie Blair A/250
DJ Dan Jansen A/250
MB Matt Biondi A/250
TC Todd Clever A/250
TN Takudzwa Ngwenya A/250
LL Lisa Leslie A/250
JC Joey Chestnut A/250
MS Mark Spitz A/250
FM Frank Morris A/250
JL Jeanette Lee A/250
AFI Allen Fisher A/250
LM Les Miles A/250
JKI Jeff King A/250
MH Marcus Henderson AU/100
BJ Bruce Jenner A/250
BF Bigfoot A/250

Collect Hard!,
anybody else
Is your list 2007 or 2008 ? From 2007 I have 318,330 here for trade and most of the rest will be for sale starting at a quarter by noon tomorrow on our website.

What do you want to offer me for the two SP's if you still need them.
they have a bigfoot relic card in the A&G? LOL that is funny shiz
2008 do you have the sp's for that year
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