I am looking for Bowman Chrome, Finest & Topps Chrome Refractors and X-Fractors of the following players:

Derek Jeter
Albert Pujols
Cal Ripken Jr.
Alex Rodriguez
Ozzie Smith

Troy Aikman
Marion Barber (2005 Bowman Chrome only)
Tom Brady
Brett Favre
Calvin Johnson (2007 Bowman Chrome only)
Peyton Manning
Randy Moss
Adrian Peterson
Tony Romo
Barry Sanders
Emmitt Smith
LaDainian Tomlinson

Michael Jordan (looking for any Refractors, Atomic Refractors, etc that I don't have)

I really only need base Refractors and X-Fractors and need several color variations (blue, gold, red, etc). Not really interested in insert Refractors. My trade bait is in my sig or I might even buy (paypal) if the price is right. Post here or PM me. Thanks