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Full Version: Update from BagwellFan25
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As some of you know back in late May, I explained to my wife that I had spent a lot of money on cards. We agreed that I'd no longer be buying and that I'd be getting rid of all my cards, except a select few that had more sentimental value than anything.

Well, my wife and I were talking today and I told her I was going to try and sell my SP Authentic Jonathan Toews RC AUTO (well, I told her it was a good card because she doesn't know a Toews RC AUTO from a Brandon Inge base card). She asked me if that was a card I wanted to get rid of. I told her not really but that I was going to try anyhow. The conversation ended there.

I met her for lunch today as she was at work. I asked her what she meant by asking that question. At first, she didn't know but then she told me that I didn't have to get rid of all the cards but rather just most of them. Basically, they are not to be a significant or focal point in our home.

I guess that means I get to pick some of the cards I really want to keep and get rid of the rest. I am rather happy about this development. Perhaps, she'll even let me trade the less valuable ones that wouldn't sell for much anyhow. I'm just thankful that I have a wife that loves me and cares about my feelings even though I screwed up.

If you have a wife that allows you to collect and spend time with cards, THANK her. I am very thankful for my wife and I am more devoted to her now than I ever have been. It just took being an idiot once or twice to realize how special she really is and how much I love her.

Anyhow, I will stick around and enjoy the conversations and seeing all of your terrific pulls and breaks.
good to know
also yeah u should definetly keep some ones that u rlly like man
sorry to hear the news man, you are a great assett to the site,
My wife doesn't ask how much I spend on cards, and I don't ask how much she spends on purses! biggrin.gif
QUOTE(hodee5 @ Nov 24 2008, 03:02 PM)
My wife doesn't ask how much I spend on cards, and I don't ask how much she spends on purses! biggrin.gif
* gf just bought a $400 purse so she really has no say on what cards i buy smile.gif
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