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hey so im going through some of my 90's cards and we all know about the many inserts that the 90's brought to us

i was wondering

weren't there some very rare inserts produced then, not that i have any, but does anyone have any or have pics of them or remmeber what some of the VERY RARE ones were

i remember the 90's as a very quaint time in the card world with no autos and GU like the 2000's, card world aside i liked the 90's better than the 2000's anyways lifestyle wise though

anyways bring out those rare 90's inserts, i wanna see some
19th Century Indiana Jones
Rare in the 90s meant it was numbered. 10,000 and 7,500 was considered rare. Until actual production numbers came out - like for those 1993 Finest refractors: 241 of each card.

Ahhhh.... Those were the days. We had insert chase cards instead of AU/GU cards.....

And to think I watched this guy as a rookie going 2 for 5 as a Falcon. He had a nice zip when he threw.
user posted image

is that favre card rare

if not wat other rare inserts from the 90's do u have?
I don't have a scan right now but I pulled a Nolan Ryan autograph out of 1991 Upper Deck which is a very tough pull. There were actuall 2 stuck together in the same pack so I give one to my brother. We both still have them to this day.

thats sick dude, were the ryan numbered /5000 or something, were they the donruss elite insert autos?
Ah the 1990's
Well, "rare" is all relative. There were some rare pulls. I still have a Mickey Mantle Auto I pulled from 1994 Upper Deck All Time heroes. Try finding more than one or two of those out there at any given time.

Now if you are talking inserts, I remember when Donruss Dominators were considered rare. I am still looking for a couple to finish my set . Then there were the Score/Pinnacle Epix inserts which enjoyed a time of being "rare"
You want rare? try 1993 Finest Refractors. Try 1991 Topps Desert Shield (some of them are nearly impossible to find)
But in general, try even finding some "run of the mill" Topps and Fleer inserts from say 1995-98. They may have been produced in quantity but they are so buried in most collections or warehouses that they are not nearly as plentiful as they used to be.
It amazes me everytime we get an order for something like a 1997 Karim Garcia Artist Proof and a 1995 Ultra On Base Leaders Frank Thomas (an order placed with us today)
If you are a player, team or set builder, the 1990's provided hundreds/thousands of choices but much of that product has dried up.
I remember the Mirror Gold cards out of Select Totally Certified were pretty tough. I think there were only 30 made. Over produced by todays standards. LOL
I remember quite a number of really hard-to-pull basketball inserts/parallels from the 1990s. Some that come to mind immediately include: Precious Metal Gems from Skybox Metal, EX Credentials from 97/98 EX, the Jambalaya insert set....I also remember some Fleer sets from 98/99 having a gold parallel RC that were numbered to 25 copies....those were (and still are) insanely difficult to find!
the cramer's choice where always tough pulls.
That was my peak in the hobby as a kid. Getting back into it in the last few years have shown me that things have changed big time!

IMO the coolest from that generation were the Topps Desert Shield Cards. Not technically inserts, but very rare and cool indeed.
Scans and pictures folks huh.gif

Here's one that's a pretty hard find:
user posted image
19th Century Indiana Jones
I pulled two of these from the same box:
user posted image

You had to mail in wrappers for this one: (it came as a team set, note the foil stamp "The 1994 NBA Finals")
user posted image

I think this was a promo given only to dealers, the same card from the packs were in red and silver and depicted him wearing #45:
user posted image

NGWH Sports Cards
Man, I need one of those 1990 Topps Desert Strom Biggios.
96 Select Certified was pretty much the hottest stuff in the hobby in hockey especially. I pulled the Eric Lindros Mirorr Gold, which was 1:300 packs and believed to be 25 or less made, and it actually booked at $2,000 at the time. Ridiculous.
The 96 Upper Deck Lord Stanley's Heroes Finals numbered to 100 were insanely hot too.
QUOTE(19th Century Indiana Jones @ Nov 26 2008, 11:43 PM)

I think this was a promo given only to dealers, the same card from the packs were in red and silver and depicted him wearing #45:
user posted image

I've actually got an autographed version of that! Pulled it from 00/01 SP was inserted as a buyback biggrin.gif

user posted image
19th Century Indiana Jones
QUOTE(msuwendy @ Nov 26 2008, 12:53 PM)
I've actually got an autographed version of that! Pulled it from 00/01 SP was inserted as a buyback biggrin.gif

I hate you.
Sorry Indy! Didn't mean to show you up! biggrin.gif

Thank you though....I finally got some info on where that card actually came from!
I remember chasing the Linchpins from both Metal Universe baseball and football in 1999. Those were and continue to be tough.

I also used to enjoy chasing the Gold Medallion versions of the various Ultra inserts in the mid 1990's. In most of those cases they don't guide very high but they are another example of items that are tough to find these days.

Anyone remember back in 1992-94 when the Topps Gold/Black Gold/Winners craze was in full gear?
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