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Full Version: A look foward toward next year...
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A simple question who are you looking foward to collecting next year?
Players who are not currently in their respective major sports league.
Could be any sport.

Here are mine:

I'm going secondary.
Patrick Chung - S - Oregon
Myron Rolle - S - Florida St.
Malcolm Jenkins - CB - Ohio St.
Jarius Byrd - CB - Oregon
Nick Reed - DE - Oregon
Terence Scott - WR - Oregon (doubt he'll be in the NFL)
Jeremiah Johnson - RB - Oregon

Tyler Hansbrough - PF - North Carolina
Ty Lawson - G - North Carolina (If he comes out)

None that i can think of.

Don't follow or collect hockey.

Would like to hear who you guys are looking foward to.
19th Century Indiana Jones
Football: Ramses Barden
Football: Chris Long Still,Might Start A Collection Of Roscoe Parrish,I Love The Way He Plays.
I'm going to start building my Patrick Willis collection.
Stephen McGee (if drafted)
Jorvorskie Lane (if drafted)
Mike Goodson (if he comes out early)

Any Redskins rookie...and probably go after Crabtree (like the rest of the world if he comes out)
football: James Davis or C.J Spiller and pat white
basketball: Johnny Flynn, (if he leaves)and any other SU Guy.
Football: whoever I like that the Pats draft

Baseball: Dustin Pedroia more - hopefully more cards are produced, leading to lower prices.

Hockey: Stepping up hockey collecting now that I've gotten back into hockey. I'm back in New England after 4 years away and the I can catch Bruins on TV again. Specifically, I'm looking to collect Phil Kessel and Patrice Bergeron.


Marcus Herford
Joe Mortenson
Mike Rivera
Kendrick Harper

All if they are drafted but mainley herford and mortenson

Knowshon Moreno-IF he comes out
Sam Bradford-If he comes out
When Beanie Wells declares I will go after a few of his things.

I may also go after a couple key cards of:
-James Laurinaitis, Marcus Freeman, and maybe Malcolm Jenkins...

Key RC's of Browns rookies...I'm hoping the get Beanie, Knowshon Moreno, or Rey Maulaluga!
Mike Teel
and if he comes out
Kenny Britt
Mike Teel
and if he comes out
Kenny Britt
I'll be after any Florida Gators autographs and GU in college uniforms as always. I expect Percy Harvin and perhaps Brandon Spikes to declare early. They have a few seniors that should get picked up in the NFL somewhere: Cornelius Ingram, Kehstan Moore, and Louis Murphy. Even if they don't land in the NFL I expect Press Pass and Sage to produce some stuff of them.
Tyler Hansbrough - PF - North Carolina
NGWH Sports Cards
Someone from the OKC Thunder.

Adam Weber-Local kid
i might start officially doing a current giant madison hedgecock and domenick hixon
Kenny Britt - he's going to be a monster
The regular, unless I discover another player/team/product/etc I really like.
Same as the last 13 years, only more of it hopefully.
more miguel cabrera

maybe a little percy harvin
19th Century Indiana Jones
I was going to say Chris 'Beanie' Wells because he is a good-sized RB. However, his injury bothers me.
QUOTE(fsabala @ Nov 24 2008, 03:55 PM)
Kenny Britt - he's going to be a monster

Hey, stay away from my favorite player! tongue.gif
Football: continue Brett Favre and hopefully Ernie Sims...focus on any Wisconsin Badgers that get drafted - probably PJ Hill and depending on where I go to college I will look for guys in the NFL that played there for college. Plus more PACKERS-focusing on rookies and the legends.

Baseball: Brewers as usual, hopefully more of them and more of their younger prospects plus any free agent signings they might get

Basketball: Pretty much one of the last stops on my list, any cheap Alando Tuckers I can find and Wisconsin Badgers that get drafted.
QUOTE(jwman92 @ Nov 24 2008, 06:22 PM)
Hey, stay away from my favorite player! tongue.gif

he's in my history class cool.gif
QUOTE(fsabala @ Nov 24 2008, 05:28 PM)
he's in my history class  cool.gif

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm could you get me an autograph! ohmy.gif
Probably the same for me, although I will know how much of a focus to put on VY. Once Finnegan makes the Pro Bowl, I will tons of stuff to get! That will be exciting. Pro Bowl GU cards, and he'll be in Score at the very least. Plus, his success should mean that a couple of my Whales hit eBay (I have only seen one before). Griff could make it as well, but he has enough stuff.
Sticking to Dale Murphy, Kurt Busch and former Georgia Southern Eagles. I've still got a long way to go with the Murphy collection.
for me it will be shonn greene if he comes out and graham harrell as well
Mainly only collect football so

Daryll Clark- PSU QB
Mark Herzlich - BC LB ( just a few autos)

Whoever the dolphins draft.
This is an easy one. Pending their early entry into the draft-

Percy Harvin
Jeremy Maclin
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