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Full Version: Econamy Problems
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Has the econamy made you spend less on the hobby?
It has me.
It's made me spend less on EVERYTHING including food.
it has made me start to pay off my credit cards..i should have them all paid off by summer..because there a waste of money!!!
less money higher prices,more bills,more bailouts?????
I have been spending less on the hobby due to both the economy and a change in what I want to buy.

I am trying to save up for an Xbox 360, thus very little card buying for me right now. It has been a couple of weeks since I have bought a pack or retail box of cards. I did recently spend about $15 on an eBay purchase around a month ago though (and $20 this weekend on a PS2 Call of Duty 1/2 video game package).
I have definatly slowed down. I used to spend 25-35 a week
on hobby packs or blaster boxes or combination of both.Now if im lucky
i will spend 35 a month. It is tough as i have the urge to open packs but the bill's and household come first. And being on hold from work until december doesn't help either. Now if i can just quit smoking then i could actually spend a little more on the hobby.Lol!
i still do alot of buying, but i dont have alot of other items to pay for
I know that it has me seriously considering cutting back this year. Might even just start buying more singles off of ebay rather than buying boxes. Not sure, but seriously thinking about it.
I think it has to be affecting just about everyone. I'm not buying boxes like I used to, but then starting to completely give up on building base sets and just go after singles I want. And doing breaks instead of buying boxes also it seems, but still buying the occasional box now and then as I got another Score Select to open up soon here wink.gif
im mainly trading now, havny bought as much as i used to
No, but then I limit my spending even in good times, since you never know when the downside will hit...
Definitely. I've tried over the last couple years to allow my hobby to support itself, meaning if I want to buy something, I'll sell another card first. I try not to tap into my regular income (but sometimes do) and I don't have any credit cards, I learned my lesson about those things.
I've noticed I'm just not selling nearly as much on eBay and other sites as I was even a few months ago. So as that has slowed down, so has my buying.
Plus I just haven't seen a whole lot this year I just have to have. As a Broncos fan, I pick up a few Eddie Royal cards here and there, but really, it's getting to the point where it's just another sticker slapped on a card. I prefer multicolor helmet and patch pieces.
Looks like the ECONOMY has affected America so bad people have had to sell off their spell check systems!!!
QUOTE(Gforce083 @ Nov 22 2008, 05:07 PM)
Looks like the ECONOMY has affected America so bad people have had to sell off their spell check systems!!!

Our amount of sales has been as strong as ever but the dollar amounts are certainly down
Ebays idiotic $1 minimum has helped our sales because folks can get the same cards from us for as little as a quarter that they have to pay $1 for on Ebay so I think that has helped us even in these bad times especially in selling cards we have priced at .25-.99 cents.
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