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Full Version: Anyone else "Addicted" to card collecting?
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Hey guys, I am talking about a very serious matter here. No joking. I'm just curious if anyone else has battled addiction to card collecting like I have. For about the last year, I've had it under control, but there was a stretch of my life for about 2-3 years, where I would wake up in the morning NEEDING to open packs of cards before my day started. I would literally get out of bed and count the minutes down until the card shop opened and would be there right as the door opened.

During this time period, I was bringing home about $600 weekly paychecks. I'd get paid on Friday and by Sunday, it was gone. 90 percent of the check would be spent on cards.

Now, in order to feed my addiction, for the rest of the week, I would trade everything that I bought for more packs and would continue this cycle until I had nothing left to spend or trade and as soon as Friday rolled around, I would start the cycle over.

Over this span of 3 years or so, I estimated that I had spent nearly $30,000 on cards and pretty much had nothing to show for it. You would think after spending that much, you would have a rather nice collection. No, instead I had about 25 jersey cards and autos and none of them being worth much of anything.

I wouldn't tell anyone how bad it had gotten. I managed to keep my spending a secret from my parents and my girlfriend for the whole time. One day, I couldn't take it anymore and cracked and broke down and told my girlfriend. She's helped me alot in getting it under control.

Right now, I can go into a card shop and spend $20 and be content with it until my next visit (Which is about once a month). It's a good feeling knowing that I don't have to lie to my loved ones when I get home.

I just want to know if there is anyone else who has gone through this or is going through this at the moment?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Glad you accomplished to narrow down your spending! Will be good for you too with the economy going down the dumps.
Wow man...props for you having the guts to tell your sure you are not alone...
wait im a little did u spend 30,000 and only end up with a bunch of autos and GU cards?
19th Century Indiana Jones
My name is Rob.
I think I am addicted to group breaks. mellow.gif
I wasn't quite that extreme, but did go overboard in the 90s with set building. But I didn't sell things to keep the habit going (though not much of that stuff worth what I spent on it, but then same as is now most of the time). I had other bad habits or addictions to deal with at that time, so guess they had priority to cards wink.gif. But yeah one has to work to keep it under control if one has lost control before. I haven't drank or done drugs in 11 years, and I only spend what I can afford on cards now, instead of going on "sprees". Glad you got it under control and can enjoy opening a set amount per month smile.gif
im addicted to buying singles on ebay!
I'm addicted to selling this stuff off and collecting Paypal.
QUOTE(miguelcabrera @ Nov 16 2008, 08:10 PM)
wait im a little did u spend 30,000 and only end up with a bunch of autos and GU cards?

If you read the whole thing, I explained this. I would buy the cards and trade everything I pulled right back to open more cards. smile.gif
o i c

and by the end u had left everything that the shop owner didnt want to trade for.....??????
QUOTE(Yogurtmania @ Nov 16 2008, 10:23 PM)
If you read the whole thing, I explained this. I would buy the cards and trade everything I pulled right back to open more cards. smile.gif

i can definitely relate in your pain.

It was never that bad for myself, but I have had my spouts with tempering self control. It is definitely a drug that that is hard to keep under control!

I have some trouble very rarely...but am very good at getting a pack or two and be done with it now a days.

Keep up the good job and glad to see your able to still enjoy collecting as well!
Wow...that is some story...glad it's under comtrol! It's not the dollar amount that scares me, but the % of your paycheck that was spent towards the hobby.

Addiction of any kind can be a problem.
It's all about the singles brother.

But I thank you for the story, I wanted to laugh through the first paragraph as I assumed you were in fact kidding. Guess not.

Thanks for the reminder to stray away from product. Looks like I won't be breaking down and buying a case of 2008 SPA football now.. lol
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