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Full Version: Newest Replacement debacle - UD this time
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Got some packages today and both were random replacements:

Redemption #1:

Redemption was for a 06-7 Parkhurst #143 Pat Lafontaine auto redemption bv $20 - this was replaced with a 07-08 SP Authentic SOTT Anze Kopitar auto bv $10 (not listed) and a bonus of a 2007? Finite D Nowitzki and S Nash warmup game used.

Redemption #2:

Redemption was for a 06-07 Parkhurst #155 Craig Mac Tavish auto redemption bv $15 - this was replaced with two 07-08 SP Authentic SOTT Shane Doan and Nikolai Zherdev bv $10 each and a "bonus" of 06-07 SP Game Used Jersey Chris Drury in a Sabres Uniform bv $5.

Let me know your thoughts, but I am not happy at all. The first redemption came up short based on bv and why give a hockey collector a basketball "bonus". The second one while better in bv still did not replace the type of player in my mind and the bonus, might as well be thrown in the garbage since he no longer plays for the Sabres and bv is a whopping $5.

Did I get the short end of the stick or what?

PS fired off an email to cs at UD. No wonder we collectors hate redemptions.
hey bro u got shafted big time but i agree with u redemptions are terrible!!!!!!!
I ordered 5 replacements Im scared now!!
QUOTE(aceecards @ Nov 12 2008, 10:35 PM)
I ordered 5 replacements Im scared now!!

I hope you ordered them through Chris? laugh.gif

I did not even order them, and was not even notified, that is what irks me.

And what happened to the so-called pick redemption list? I would have at least been able to pick something I wanted.

Might have taken Kopitar due to his potential to be decent, but I have a bunch of Doan and Zherdev autos in different products so really did not need more of those two. Besides my redemptions were for guys who had decent careers and of which I have no autographs.
they dont tell you, you have to call and ask them about the redemptions. Tough on the first one, but if you dont ask them you pretty much are put at their mercy.
Well CS replied and as expected reply was missing any "CS" more like something else "_S". So sent a reply back. Not going to get anywhere but at least I got to vent somemore. I really am getting to the point with all these companies that I might stop buying. It is fun to build sets, but to deal with this after paying hard money for a box and be treated like trash, might just be the right time to stop collecting. It really takes the fun out of the hobby. Maybe I should just go back to coin collecting, anyone know if the US Mint treats it's customers this way?
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