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Full Version: Scanning Cards
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I'm having to buy a scanner for another reason and know that some people use scanners to scan their cards. Traditionally I use a digital camera, then hook up the cable and transfer them to my PC, format the picture, upload it, etc...the whole camera thing is a bit cumbursome and a bit of a hassle and usually why I don't scan/post breaks often nor post pictures on the various sub-forums. So my question is, can a scanner in any way damage a card? I guess there's the light and the heat you see in those big industrial size scanner/copiers, but for a home scanner, is it perfectly safe?
I don't think that a household scanner will cause any damage. Especially if the card in in a case/top loader. I'm not sure but i don't think it's in the light for long enough to effect it.
nope i have scanned all my pc and they are all fine
The offset inks in use today are all UV repellent. The inks are not affected by light, however intense heat can affect a card. The temperature of a scanner light source doesn't come close to that threshold.
A great deal of the cards produced today also have an overprint (gloss) or "varnish" that further protects the cards from natural and man-made light sources.

Collect Hard!,
I say yes..

but im a conspiracist theory guy..

I dont wanna risk fading!
Any direct light is "bad" for the card (especially fabric autos) flash, scanner bulbs, direct sunlight etc....

However, it would take A LOT of exposures for it to actually harm the card. If you simply take one photo, or one scan of the card...I think it will be OK. But put ANYTHING into constant direct's going to fade.
i prefer digi cam over scanner dont like the heavy top on my cards
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