First, read this quick little story.

Jones Soda

I thought this would be something interesting to talk about in the Hobby Forum, because I'm not going to look at this really from a political standpoint but from a hobby standpoint.

Some have cited instances like this (and there are more than just Jones Soda) as examples that Obama is just way more popular than McCain and will get elected president. That may or may not be true. The polls are relatively close right now, so I guess we'll find out on election day whether or not Obama is THAT much more popular than McCain.

But, if you look at the votes (based on purchases) on the Jones Soda website, here, you'll see that Obama is winning this contest in a landslide.

Does that mean he's more popular than McCain, Hillary, or Ron Paul? Or are people who collect stuff like this just hedging their bets?

I think the latter is what's really going on.

If Obama wins, it will be a historic election. The first black man to get elected president. Obama memorabilia will increase in value. It already has. Look at what the A&G eTopps presidential candidate cards sell for. Obama's outsells all the others by a substantial margin. Collectors are "investing" in the possibility that an Obama win will make them money off of his cards/memorabilia/soda bottles, etc.

As far as collectors are concerned if McCain wins, big whoop. NOT historic. Just another white guy elected president. McCain's collectibles might increase slightly since he will go from an "Also Ran" to an actual president, but I doubt people would make even 1/3 off of McCain collectibles as they would from Obama collectibles after an Obama win.

If Obama loses, well his collectibles are still going for more than the other candidates. And, he's young, he can run again. McCain WON'T be running again.

So, I don't think that it's because one candidate is more "popular" than the other, I think collectors are just playing it strategically and buying up collectibles that have the best chance of increasing their value.

If anyone has seen my political posts you'll know that I am not an Obama fan, but I am hanging onto my Obama A&G President card for dear life, because if he wins, selling it for a nice profit might be my only consolation.

Your thoughts?