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Full Version: This will get you mad! When ugly gets uglier!
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What a disappointing mail week!

1st off: I bought some cards from Topps Vault and 2 cards are missing...emailed and never heard back from them.

2nd: I got this Mark Brunell PRO BOWL PATCH and the card is DENTED in the middle!!! These "patches" are tough to find! Click video!
user posted image

3rd: I bought this Carson Palmer #9/25 (jersey # card) so I can trade it with a fellow collector that had a Brunell jersey # card. I guess that won't happen as it's crease on the front and bent on top! sad.gif Click video!
user posted image

The videos were taken as proof to the sellers.

Both single card purchase were sent with just a toploader and bubble mailer. If anyone THINKS that is safe enough, think again. Having bought stuff over the internet/ebay over the last 10 years, this type of packaging is asking for problems. The item should have cardboard or dummy cards on both sides to lessen the impack the mailer may have in handling!

When things happen , they happen in bunches...this was my "bad" week - hopefully a good week will come sometime soon.
BTW here are my former disaster mail threads:

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Just 10 creases - that's all!!!!

For some reason, I think I'm cursed as a collector!
Sorry Man Ive been having My bad luck like that too its been horrible
Man that is tough. I've had this happen to me several times over the last few years but never more than once in the same week. Hopefully the sellers will rectify the situation.
That's a bummer, when it rains it pours. Had that happen with a card numbered /50, but it was only $5 from an auction and seller refunded my money anyway after I sent scan, but it still bummed me out for sure that now there is only /49 out there and one with a big crease thru the middle of card.

Hope you have better luck next time, it is amazing how rough the postal service can be on things sometimes.

how much did you pay for S&H? I paid almost 4 bucks for a exquisite jersey card and it came in a sleeve in between 2 decoys!!! good thing it did not have a crease in it..i got lucky!
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