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Full Version: can anyone answer this for me
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Usually how long after you submit do you recieve (when you recieve) ? Is there a set drawing date like the mail in ones or do they just randomly send out stuff?

Thanks in advance
Its any where from a few months to a year. Topps sticks to its dates printed on the pack, however, you may receive your first NPN for a Topps product a few weeks after the drawing date on the package and then 2 months later, receive another NPN from the same product. UD is now online and when (if) they draw is anyone's guess. Donruss in the past took up to a year or more, but they have become much quicker over the past year.

*My "if" with UD is that my brother I have entered for all products and between us, only 1 NPN received.
There has not been any consistent timing for UD. I think it is whenever they get to it. Hard to tell considering I have only received one in about 20+ entries. It used to be they seemed to do every 2-3 months a group of products when you mailed. Now not sure.
thanks guys!
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UD is never consistent like mentioned above. DLP expect the quickest turnaround (2-3 weeks) although I have been impressed with Topps lately although usually they take about a month after the drawing date
I Signed Up For UD About 2 Weeks Ago And Yesterday I Recieved My First NPN
sweet! i wont know until i get home anyways but was just curious!
QUOTE(sasports @ Oct 24 2008, 09:00 PM)
sweet!  i wont know until i get home anyways but was just curious!

i have no clue iv been doing it since UD started on line and haven't gotten anything...really bad luck i guess
UD seems to only give to a select group. I have heard of successes from other people but I havent gotten anything for the selected product. I have gotten a "UD Black", but not everyone got it. so idk how the system works for UD.

a wierd thing for Topps is that I signed up for Co-Signers in June, and I only just got it in the past month.
nothing EVER from UD here!
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