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Full Version: 2 boxes....hmmm
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so the the first quarter of school is over tomorrow, and i got all A's and B's (which is by the way an AMAZING feat for me smile.gif ) and so my mom told me i could get some boxes of cards off of so i want to get two boxes, so i looked in the more nonexpensive ones (because of the stupid stock market moneys kinda tight). and i was thinking about getting (and remember i can get two boxes):
2007 Fleer Ultra SE baseball
2007 SP rookie edition baseball
2006 topps rookies baseball
07/08 upperdeck artifacts basketball
06/07 press pass basketball
2007 upperdeck artifacts football

so please help me decide which ones i should get....thanks smile.gif
07/08 upperdeck artifacts basketball

2007 upperdeck artifacts football
Johnny Number 5
Avoid artifacts like the plauge

they show 4 hits, but some of the autos are SUPER whosits!

Johnny Number 5
I would say if your really into autos something like a press pass product would do you nice being they have atleast 4-6 autos per box?...........and even the 2008 bowman chrome (1 prospect) auto or the 2008 topps chrome top out at 40-45 a box with decent hittage (2 rc autos)

of those selection go for artifacts.
Yey it is a hit or miss but i have pulled a cutler auto out of my two boxes and a favre patch. 08 topps chrome really in my opinion isn't worth the money. i have seen some really horrible box breaks.
Artifacts. Yeah, usually the autos and jrsys are lower-end, but for the price of a box, can't go wrong. I also pulled a Brady Quinn auto redemption #ed to 10 out of it. Not bad.
i would stay away from the football boxes you listed.

personally would try one box with a little higher price
I did pretty good with 2007 Ultra SE baseball. The majority of the hits aren't "super" (the best you can hope for is a Cal Ripken JR autograph, which is limited to 10). You are "guaranteed" 3 or 4 GU and one autograph. My box also gave a CC Sabathia black printing plate 1/1.
I'd try this:

08 Finest baseball mini-box: $42 (1 auto and tons of #ed cards)
08 Bowman Sterling pack - $35 (2 game-used and 1 auto)
Artifacts basketball was definately better than its football counterpart.
i would do ultra se and a box of artifacts football. i mean you get something in every pack for football and a chance at decent autos
2007 aritifacts football and 2007 SP Baseball! wink.gif
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