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Full Version: TOPPS ripped me off
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So I had a Topps Rookie Progression Glen Dorsey auto redemption card. I sent the card in at least 2 months ago, maybe even longer. Anyway, I called once a month to check in on the status and got various excuses, the main one was "His agent has not sent them back to us yet, please call back next month"

Well the last phone call I made was last week and I was told the same thing and this time they said to call back on the 23rd as that is when their system will be updated with the new information.

Yesterday I get a package in the mail, open it and what do I find? a BRIAN CALHOUN auto!!! It came with a letter that stated they were sorry for not being able to keep their end of the deal so they are giving me a card of equal value.

EQUAL VALUE?!!??! Give me a break. You couldn't pay me to take this trash card.

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know. I am going to call them in the next hour or so when they open and will update with whatever information they tell me.

Ouch, that stinks.

nflsam had the same issue with a Dorsey redemption.
hey bud i feel your pain same exact thing but mine was a chad jackson auto mad.gif i posted it hobby talk check it out
Ouch! That sucks man. I have a redemption pending for a Bowman Sterling Chris Long auto. Hope I can get that at least.
upper deck is the only company that has held up thier redemptions for me and when they cant they at least give you a decent replacement and close to equal value

i have never dealt with a topps redemption cause i see this all the time
Just got off the phone with them and what a joke it was.

First they told me the Dorsey is worth $20 and the Calhoun is as well. So I pull out my becket and unless Calhoun is an "Unlisted Star" then he aint worth $20, it is worth $12, but the Topps lady did not agree with me.

Told me to send it back and try to get a replacement card which will be random.

She did offer me 4 free packs but I don't want free packs.

What a joke.

Oh yeah, I had to change the title of this thread too, <edited for language>
<edited for language> is a bad word??? Maybe if the Mods spent as much time on making this a better site and not being baby sitters on here things would move forward and not backword. Im sorry about your topps card. And hope things work out for you.
send it back and tell them the team you like they will send you a player on your team. If you like the Dolphins don't ask for a Dan marino, but put a few players on the team you like, Ex. Ronnie brown, Ricky WIlliams, John Beck, Ted Ginn. They will try to find someone on the Dolphins and send it to you.

I had a Craig Smith Basketball Redemption Auto, I sent it back and complained because they sent me a Vassilis Saurlinis Auto, I sent it back and said I like the Bobcats, the next week I received a Raymond Felton Auto/jersey it was worth the stamp to send it back. Believe me

I had the same redemption and they sent me a Bruce Gradkowski auto.....I got the same letter too, but that's just a horrible replacement, and can see Topps isn't good with redemptions.
Sorry to hear that guys i have never had any luck with topps redemptions.Upper Deck Is Pretty Good With Redemptions and i have never had a problem with DLPS.
He I bought 2 boxes of the topps jumbo which were suppose to have 2 auto's per box the only reason I kept buying packs was cause they were guarenteed. I had a go about it with topps ended up speaking to their consumer service supervisor seachrist and didn't get anywhere with him asked to talk to his supervisor he wouldn't let me then I called new york got his # and talked to his supervisor that got no where some VP and now I am working on a letter to the attorney generals office for fraud. They sent me 4 common autos.
Man that really stinks!!!
QUOTE(sportsfan614 @ Oct 16 2008, 09:45 AM)
Man that really stinks!!!

What stinks is the idiot moderator suspended my account for making this thread and left many transactions in limbo.

I have sent PM's to everyone I think that got left hanging.

QUOTE(Silly @ Oct 24 2008, 09:36 AM)
What stinks is the idiot moderator suspended my account for making this thread and left many transactions in limbo.

I have sent PM's to everyone I think that got left hanging.



I just got another card from TOPPS since I sent the Calhoun back. This time they sent me a DPP Classmarks auto of LaRon Landry. I already have this card but I am a LSU/Landry fan so I guess I will keep it. Still wish it was the Doresy i was supposed to get.

Either way this is the last redemption I will do with TOPPS.
pm me about the calhoun
QUOTE(cometmike @ Oct 25 2008, 03:32 PM)
pm me about the calhoun

I had sent the Calhoun back because i didn't want it. I got the Landry as a replacement
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