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Full Version: Collecting memories.
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I saw these posts on the Network54 non-sport message board. Some interesting stories. Collecting stories
My first memories of collecting was a pack of 1976 Topps Cello mom bought me it for no reason.
My first real memory of cards comes from the early 70's. All my friends were buying baseball and football cards but I couldn't afford them so I would buy these packs of hockey cards, I think they were topps but I'm not sure, that contained at least 30, maybe more cards or so for 50 cents each at a local bargain/closeout store. My parents shopped there a lot and we went there at least once a week. I'd buy a pack or two every time. I had a ton of hockey cards and I couldn't skate, had never seen a hockey game and didn't know anyone on any of the cards. Still, my collection was bigger than anyone elses.

I did have a few other sports cards and I also remember someone stealing a Hank Aaron card from me. I don't know what it was, mostly likely a cheap base card, but all I know is one day it was gone. I have no idea who took it.

Lastly, I remember the Wonder bread sets from the early 70's.
I rember when I first started when I was about 7 or 8 when I bought my first game used card which was a Frank Thomas bat. Also when I pulled my first which was a Mark Mulder jersey.
when i was smaller and kept buying bazooka football and baseball at cayseys and finally pulled a ciatrick fason jersey card
I rememebr the first pack in 1968 that my late grandfather bought me and the words he spoke as I chose ice cream or candy from the roving vendor.

" get the cards, you get bubble gum and you get soemthing you can remember me forever whenever you look at them"

I was 3 or 4, and I got two Andy Van Slyke holograms (the cards they cahnge their picture when you look at them, I don't remember the name). A PC was born.
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