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Full Version: 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Football
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2 Box Breakdown:

Paul Hornung Redemption /40
Chevis Jackson Gold /25
Chad Henne Blue /250
Aqib Talib Blue /250

Bo Jackson /25
Greg Jennings /25
Jason Campbell /75
Tony Romo /175

Matt Ryan RC /75
Tashard Choice RC /75
Greg Jennings /75

Felix Jones RC /125
Xavier Adibi RC /125
Chevis Jackson RC /125
Fran Tarkenton /125
Braylon Edwards /125

Chad Henne RC /350
Ben Moffitt RC /350
Barry Sanders /350
Bo Jackson /350
Paul Hornung /350
Brett Favre /350
LaDainian Tomlinson /350
Braylon Edwards /350
Braylon Edwards /350

Darren McFadden x3
Matt Ryan x2
Colt Brennan x3
Felix Jones x3
Jonathan Stewart x3
Rashard Mendenhall x1
Joe Flacco x2
DeSean Jackson x2

Pros of UD Heroes:
Lots of Rookie Cards
Good amount of parallels, numbered low enough they still hold some value but you get 8 per 24 pack box so they are not that hard to get.
All Autos are On Card!
Lower numbered jersey cards and decent player selection so they hold some value.
Nice Base card design

Cons of UD Heroes:
Rookies are in their college uniforms with no mention of what NFL Team they were drafted to. It reminds me of Press Press Pass/Sage/UD Draft Edition.

There are so many rookies (2 to 3 per pack) that they are not worth much.

Not a complete checklist of rookies. Top rookies such as Matt Forte, Eddie Royal, Steve Slaton, James Hardy, Jordy Nelson, and Devin Thomas are not present while rookies like J Leman, Dwight Lowery, and Tom Zbikowski make the checklist.

Jersey swatches a little on the small side

Not a complete checklist of "heroes". Gale Sayers makes the list (and he rightfully should) along with Jim McMahon, but Walter Payton is missing. They have great QB's like John Elway and Dan Marino, but there is no mention of Joe Namath, Joe Montana, or Johnny Unitas. Mabye they were sticking to players they could secure autographs from, becuase all autographs are just parallels of the base cards.

Which brings me to my next piont, all Auto cards are just parallels of the base cards. There is not much variety in Heroes.

They have guitar heroes and sports heroes cards in here. Ever want to Pull a rookie of Tom Morello or Tony Imonni? Well you can in here. I don't know about you but When I open football cards, I want to see football players.
check me for the bo jackson jersey if it's ft and also the Fran Tarkenton /125
heores is a good product especially for baseball, i assume its the same for football
Good review! Thanks for sharing!!
im thinking of MAYBE getting into football, would u say this is better/worse for the price than absolute or topps chrome
Nice product review!
QUOTE(miguelcabrera @ Oct 13 2008, 10:35 PM)
im thinking of MAYBE getting into football, would u say this is better/worse for the price than absolute or topps chrome

I wasn't a huge fan of the baseball release of Heroes, and this is coming from the person who pulled 2 patch autos /25 back to back in the same pack. There were too many current and rookie players and not enough retired. Remember 2005 UD Heroes Baseball tins? That was a good checklist. As a whole, the I like the football release more than the baseball. There are more autos and jerseys of retired players, and they are generally pretty good players. Also all autos are on card unlike baseball.

As for comparing this product to Absolute and chrome, I would say it generally offers better value than Absolute but your chances of the huge hit may be less. You get 2 autos and 2 memorabilia out of this, which seems to be what Absolute is averaging. Your chances of pulling a patch are less and the jerseys are generally nicer out of absolute. I will say that the player selection for the jerseys out of this is pretty good and everything is numbered. You will not pull any rookie memorabilia cards though. Absolute has a $50-60 higher price than Heroes, so for the money I like the Heroes. As for chrome, it is all about the rookies. You only get 1 auto per box in Chrome, so you better hope it is good. In recent years, the refractor prices for the rookies have dropped, meaning it may be a little harder to get your box price back. Heroes is only about $10-15 per box higher and you jump from 1 auto to 2 and 2 memorabilia. The rookie cards won't be worth nearly as much though, but still I feel Heroes offers more solid value. So if I had to choose from those 3, I would choose Heroes then Chrome and lastly Absolute, based on the prices and what you get from them.

Also, I prefer football cards to baseball cards. One single big game from a lesser known player could elevate the price 10x or more in a single day (see Eddie Royal). All it takes is someone getting hurt or suspended (both seem to happen quite a bit) and the back-up to have a decent game. In baseball, that rarely happens. It takes a continuing streak of good play to elevate prices. I know that some baseball players go up quite a bit during the course of the season though (Josh Hamilton) and I'm sure that good postseason play and increased exposure is going to cause Evan Longoria and BJ Upton to go up even more. But since football is a short season that has teams playing only 1 game per week, it is always fun to collect football cards, especially while the season is going on. It is kind of like playing the stock market looking for the stock to go up like crazy in a single day.
check my site for the Hournung if your looking to move it.
i didn't like Heroes although i didi buy it.

the AUs and GUs book very low and a McFadden RC only books $6

not a great product for the price.

i pulled 1 card that was worth anything

Eli auto #/5
The rookies aren't worth much becuase like I said in my review they are in their college uniforms without mention of an NFL Team. Also you get 1-2 of each rookie per box and each rookie has 2 different Rookie cards just with a different picture on the front and a different card number. Same thing goes for the RC Autos-the values are hurt becuase of them being basically college cards. But quality wise, it is one of the only products with entirely hard-signed autos and they are all numbered. You don't open this product for huge value on the rookies, I think its a good product to open for a chance at Favre, Manning, Bo Jackson, and Romo Autos. But in the Rookie autos defense, the elite players aren't too short printed so there is always a fair chance of pulling them.

QUOTE(degibson84 @ Oct 16 2008, 12:00 PM)
i didn't like Heroes although i didi buy it.

the AUs and GUs book very low and a McFadden RC only books $6

not a great product for the price.

i pulled 1 card that was worth anything

Eli auto #/5

just wonderting ive been out of the loop for a while but when did they start releaseing bo jackson gu? is there autos also?
QUOTE(fishkid @ Nov 1 2008, 09:27 AM)
just wonderting ive been out of the loop for a while but when did they start releaseing bo jackson gu? is there autos also?

yeah they have everything of his hit up eBay always some ending it seems wish i could afford it
nice review! i wanted to bust it before it came out but i realized the rookeis were in their college jerseys
Good review thanks, probably go out and get me a box...
the stuff didn't carry a strong BV and with Rookies in there college unis even the GU and AUs of the Rookies are not very high priced or higly sought after.
Still not bad hits for the overall price of the box...medium rating I would say
i liked the baseball
Thanks for the review. good job. I had busted one box this year and I would agree with you on your thoughts. It was fun to bust though!! And the price is not to bad
I just busted a box of heroes and I wasnt too pleased, I was shorted an autograph as well as 2 #'d cards. I called UD and they said to mail in some info and they would replace it, but my question is, are they good on stuff like that?
Unfortunately I have had that happen a couple of times in various Upper Deck products the last couple of years. One time they did give me the auto i was shorted but as expected it wasnt very good. However, the second time it happened I called and wrote and explained it was the second time it had occured and they hooked me up. I was shorted one auto in the product and they sent me an auto to replace it and another as an apology. So I wouldn't worry. You should be taken care of.
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