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Full Version: WTT 4 Magic the gathering
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post wacha have for trade. Thanks
afternoon uppage. biggrin.gif
Mostly Urza's Saga series:

Summon Horror: Flesh Reaver
Summon Thrull: Blood Vassal
Summon Skeleton: Unworthy Dead x 3
Artifact Creature: Wall Of Junk x 2
Artifact: Urza's Armor x 2
Artifact: Ice Cauldron
Sorcery: Befoul
Sorcery: Corrupt
Enchantment: Pestilence x 4
Enchant Creature: Sicken
Instant: Expunge x 2
Land: Polluted Mine x 2
Land: Swamp (#340) x 3
Land: Swamp (#342) x 3
Land: Swamp (#339) x 3
Land: Swamp (#341) x 3
Summon Cleric: Disciple Of Grace x 3
Summon Angel: Voice Of Grace x 3
Summon Soldier: Sanctum Guardian
Summon Cleric: Silent Attendant
Instant: Disenchant x 2
Instant: Humble x 2
Enchantment: Opal Acrolith
Enchant Creature: Pariah
Enchantment: Rune Of Protection: Black x 2
Enchantment: Worship
Land: Drifting Meadow x 3
Land: Plains (#334)
Land: Plains (#332) x 2
Land: Plains (#333) x 2
Land: Plains (#331) x 2

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