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Full Version: Give a price or offer a price?
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In churning through the various posts and forums, I see that a lot of folks do not offer a price when selling and some even force the buyer to show his hand first. Is this preference or custom? Is it the way of a flip collector vs a keep collector? Is it simply strategy?

Keep in mind I've been a collector for a long time, but my only memories of trading before coming here were as a 10 year old being intimidated by mall show sharks of the late 80's laugh.gif

How do you like to sell or buy?

I like someone to tell me what they want for an item so that I can decide to buy it or not. As far as selling, I like to provide a price so that a prospective buyer can know a baseline. I also have no hard feelings about negotating.....but I guess that's another topic all together. Experience tells me that I can get deals done faster that way.

What say you? smile.gif
The vast majority of the time, it should be the buyer naming the prices. I mean, the buyer should know his prices, not the seller. Additionally, if the buyer truly needs the money as some threads claim, then he/she should have absolutely no problem naming the price.

The only time I think the seller should say "make an offer" is if the card is either very very limited and nothing to go off of or if the card is PC/NFT/doesn't want to let go of it and that it's clearly listed as such.

The make an offer mainly comes from the mentality of getting the most that you absolutely can for a card. I wouldn't say that you can tell at all between the flippers vs. keepers in this instance. Many flippers will name their prices, actually, especially compared to "keepers."

I know quite a few believe this and I also believe this, that if a seller tells me to make an offer, most of the time I'll just say "I'll pass" and move on. It's just not worth wasting time on.
Personally, I try to name a price for a card to the buyers since I know what I would like to get. I'm all for making a deal though.

I'm terrible at making offers as well, which is why I prefer to have a set price to work with. I hate offering something and getting a reply "The BV is this much and you're only offering this much? No thanks." Yet, they claim to be willing to sell dirt cheap or trying to move all cards they can.

If you're looking for a lot more, just simply tell me in your thread so I have some sort of idea what you'd like to get in return.
Good stuff guys. Thanks for your input. I've began pricing everything, but also inviting offers as well. I feel like that gives the buyer a baseline but some options as well.

Who else would like to chime in?
It's the seller's card. They know what they want for it. Why they refuse to offer it at that price is beyond me though.
Mike Lindegarde
it seems to me that on sites like this it's usually a collector selling his / her cards. because the person is a collector, they don't really want to sell thier cards. it's usually some outside factor forcing them to make the decision to sell. because of this, they want the most they can get. also, because they are collectors and not usually dealers, they don't know the going rate for a card. this leads to the "make me an offer".

in my opinion, if you want to sell the card, just put a price on it. i've only recently come to this understanding myself as i'm a collector and not a flipper. right now i'm working on changing my website to put a price tag on things i would move. i've learned that i can't be afraid to ask for what i want and i can't worry about getting burned by not selling the card for the max possible.
For a while I thought about having a T-shirt printed up that said "I don't ask prices. If you want me to look at your stuff have it priced" but I decided what's the use. I don't ask prices and it saves me a lot of money.

I did go to a reptile show one time and I saw a snake I was interested in on one guy's table but nothing was priced so I just walked on. I found one on another guy's table and bought it for $50.00. Toward the end of the show, I was walking by guy #1's table and he asked me what I had. I showed him and he said, "oh, I've got one of those, how much did you give for it". $100.00 I told him. His jaw dropped "I'm selling mine for $50.00, you should have stopped by here first." I said "I did, but I didn't see any prices so I thought it was just a display animal so I moved on" Next show, everything on his table was priced.

In another thread someone (I think it might have been coltsfan but I could be wrong) explained why he didn't price high end stuff and it made some sense. I guess for the hard core guys who are really looking for a particular card, or player etc they might not be turned off by something without a price but I only pick up things that catch my eye and something without a price does not catch my eye.

As far as the "make an offer" guys, well, lets just say most of them wish I never did make an offer. I have yet to have anyone accept any offer I make unless it was an lower offer on a previously priced item.
I prefer the seller to have a price. If i don't like the price i make an offer.
It seems to me that when someone is selling they like to have the buyer make the price, and when they are buying they like to see the price.

I would prefer to know up front what someone wants for something and then be able to say, OK I like that price or that price is $10 more than I want to pay, etc. It would save a lot of time and energy on both parts if the seller would do that. In addition, the seller could also clearly state my price is $XX FIRM and I would know that if that price was more than I wanted to spend to move on.

I usually try to price stuff when selling, but I do not do much of that.
In my recent sales thread, I put what I am looking for "ebay average" and explained what my view of that average is 3-5 completed sales...I don't like quoting prices since I love my cards and dislike putting a dollar value on them unless its a rare high end item that I spent a lot on.
I have everything in my shop clearly priced and signs saying 50% OFF STICKER PRICE and stuff like that. I try to sell singles as close to eBay sale prices as possible. The problem is that it is just not possible sometimes. I can usually tell the difference between someoone looking for a deal for their collection and someone looking to lowball you to get something to re-sell. Just yesterday a guy came in that is anotorious lowballer. He sets up at Flea Markets and always trys to get stuff for well below what it sells for on eBay or anywhere else. He is always quick to tell me about the great stuff he just bought on eBay. Yesterday he wanted a few supplies. I have packs of Ultra Pro Top Loaders for $2 each. No tax just $2. The other shops in town are $2.99 + tax. Wal-Mart sells them for $1.99 + tax. He asks me if I will sll him 2/$3. I told him if he bought a case I would sell them to him at $1.50 a pack so he could make some money on them. Of course he wasn't interested. He also wanted two Jay Cutler Rcs with a BV of $25 for $10. I aksed him how much they were going for on eBay and he said he has tried to get them lately but always gets outbid. I told him Cutler had been hot and he wouldn't be able to get them for nothing. He ended up buying two packs of toploaders, 23 screwdowns, and a '89 Score Michael Irvin RC for $20. I almost fainted that he actually spent $20. People like this guy drive me nuts. I have never felt obligated to lose money on something just to supply another dealer. Those that want to spend some real money and buy in bulk, I will always help out. Those that try to haggle on a $2 item, I never will. I also agree that if something isn't priced, I just move on. If something is priced and I like the price, I buy it. If the price is more than I am willing to pay, I just move on. In 20 years in this hobby, I have never asked someone to take less for anything because I know how much I hate hearing that when the item is already discounted 50%-75% to start with.
QUOTE(coltsfan23 @ Oct 9 2008, 04:50 PM)
The vast majority of the time, it should be the buyer naming the prices. I mean, the buyer should know his prices, not the seller.

Strange, would you walk into a Walmart and expect to offer them amounts on the goods?...or is it easier that they have prices on the shelves?

I think that any sale thread should always have an asking price.

I ask that the seller give me an asking price in person, so I treat it the same on-line. Even shopkeepers in a bazaar will start by "telling you the price". Then we can negotiate from there, no different with little pieces of cardboard.

I hate "make an offer" sale listings.
QUOTE(snowblink @ Nov 10 2008, 04:11 PM)
Strange, would you walk into a Walmart and expect to offer them amounts on the goods?...or is it easier that they have prices on the shelves?

I think that any sale thread should always have an asking price.


Gah... my bad. I totally meant the seller should name prices. I switched buyer and seller around while typing, so it should really be "The vast majority of the time, it should be the seller naming the prices. I mean, the seller should know his prices as they are his/her cards, not the buyer's." If you read the rest of my post, this mistake would be pretty obvious. Sorry though.
QUOTE(coltsfan23 @ Nov 10 2008, 02:40 PM)
If you read the rest of my post, this mistake would be pretty obvious. Sorry though.

laugh.gif Yeah, I thought the supporting arguments for that statement were a bit off, but clarification is always nice.
Anyone care to make me an offer? I don't know what I am selling yet, but once you make me an offer, I will figure it out.... laugh.gif

J/K...great thread guys.
Right gonna show my ignorance here. Whats a flipper??(& don't say what a fish has at the side of his body smile.gif )
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