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I'm sorry that you had a bad experience....I really wonder about some people. Trying to gain an extra buck anyway they can. rolleyes.gif
Post the name, So we know to avoid them.
hey man that was false advertising on his i dont feel pity for that seller..i personally and tired of ebay sellers charging high shipping fees to help recover the listing and paypal fees..fees are part of selling.. I am glad u took a stand but I probably would of gave him a neutral.
You got the card in the correct condition, End of Story.
You did get it in good condition though, right? You should place your bid according to shipping prices or in other words, based on the dlvd price. Who cares what a certain seller charges or what the end shipping cost comes out to. Pretty much never is the shipping cost and the cost charged for shipping on Ebay the same. However, it's not that big of a deal!
I would not feel that bad about it......what I don't like is paying for an item and never receiving is funny I never had letters that I sent or had sent to me get lost in the mail......only on ebay that sellers claimed they sent and when I didn't receive it Oh it got lost in the mail or I don't control the mail response.....I remember once paying for an item the seller posted he received payment said he mailed my items I waited a month never received them wrote him an email about it and he said he would refund me another two weeks pass no cards no refund so wrote him again only to be greeted with foul language email and I mean real in the end check this out for my fifty dollars I got no items no refund a foul email and to top it off a negative feedback from this seller hows that.....I am glad ebay changed its policies now sellers can not leave a negative feedback.......
QUOTE(BoxBreaker44 @ Oct 7 2008, 10:55 PM)
You got the card in the correct condition, End of Story.

But he did not get the card with the correct stated shipping......I'd be miffed also....when I see shipping stated as Priority Mail, and it's under $5, I automatically think the seller made a mistake in the listing.....try to contact a seller at least a day before the auction ends to clarify shipping the very least it should have come in a bubble envelope.....just curious BoxBreaker, I had this senario just a few weeks ago, and would be curious as to what you would do.....paid $3 for shipping on a card, card came in a manilla envelope, the same size as a business size envelope, postage due of .50, and no return address on it......card arrived in good would that be a positive, neutral, or negative feedback....seller did not respond to my emails.....according to your statement above, what should the end of my story be?
Mike Lindegarde
i buy and sell on ebay, with that said...

i don't think you have any room for complaint about the card arriving in a plain white envelope unless the seller stated a bubble mailer would be used. i would never ship a card in a plain white envelope and i don't think it's the right thing to do, but unless he stated exactly how the card would be packaged, you can't complain about that unless the card arrives damaged.

in regards to not using priority mail, that is a reason to comlain and leave negative feedback. if you went to the post office and paid for priority mail and they just decided to ship it first class instead you would be angry: this is the same thing. you were charged for a service you didn't get, that's pretty cut and dry. sellers should not be permitted to get away with that.

i hate paying paypal fees, ebay fees, and i usually end up underchargning for shipping. for that reason i now go to a flea market atleast once a year to sell what i can there. it's an hour drive to the nearest one, but atleast i have zero fees to pay beyond the $9.00 for a spot. if you aren't happy about the fees, sell your stuff somewhere else, don't screw someone on shipping to compensate.
Ok lets say he does 100 purchases per year. That means he is out 300 bucks where he shouldnt be. There is a reason why ebay has been cracking down on people who do crap like this. its just people trying to hose the system
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