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Full Version: Anyone play Poker???
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I have been a Beast in the past 2 and a half days played 6-7 Tournaments with 12000 people or more and finished 50th or better every game Im unstopable..

All I need to do is find out how to get alot of chips right before bubble..

People post and help or just Talk Poker here

This is a hard question to actually answer. It really depends on the situation. What you gotta do to not bubble or get chips before the bubble is be extremely aggressive! People just before the bubble, seem to tighten up. Just put pressure on them because they wont want to put all their chips in before the bubble. This is how you can amass a lot of chips before and during the bubble but this also can get you in trouble because you yourself might end up bubbling. But this would probably be the best way to amass a lot of chips during bubble time.

Hopefully i can take my own advice and use it in the WSOP This year
Very fun game, but I'm definitely an amateur.....No Joke my Brother in Laws best friend is awesome. Paid for his first 2 years of college in his first few big tournaments alone. Decided to stay in school for the heck of it, but lists his occupation as professional gambler. The little %$%*, makes more than I do as a veteran teacher with my masters.
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