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Full Version: WANTED: Mickey Mantle
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Looking for just about all serial numbered MICKEY MANTLE items that I dont have ( NO INTEREST in the milestone and moments cards right now)

willing to buy (paypal) or trade

some of main interest (NOT LIMITED TOO):
2006 mantle finest moments
2006 sterling burgundy #/10
2007 sterling burgundy #/14 and gold #/9
2007 topps chrome BLUE refractors #/100
2008 topps chrome copper #/100
2008 topps chrome red #/25
1/1's from various products
17 looks... someone must have some? I am paying good prices for the ones i need.. have high end items for them as well
cmb i have a 2007 topps box topper red refractor #/99 of a home run history card

and i cant recall which one (not home) but i have a blue refractor (retail only) #/100 of on of the mickey mantle story cards
i have all the 07 chrome RED hrs #/99.. just need 1 more for the story set..

when you get a chance can you get the card number of the BLUE Story #/100.. I need 10 more for that set.. thanks
I have a 2007 topps chrome refractor #ed 431/500
willie.. have the complete 500 set.. thanks for the offering
any new ones out there?
U looking for any vintage? I have a 1969 Topps CL in ex-nm that I'd be willing to part with.
mainly just serial numbered items that I dont have... have just about everything else.. thanks
I have 4 Topps 08 Mickey Mantles, all BV $4.00 and up. If sent
pm returned
anyone out there tonight have these?
any triple threads out there.. need a couple still
any 06 finest out there?
garyg21, I have a Mantle card I was wondering the BV on fore quite some time. I think u are just the man to help me out. wink.gif It's a '06 topps Mantle card, that is not numbered, in fact I don't see any number. It also says '05 on the front, on the back no number but it does say in the top left corner MM2005. It has Mantle in gold on the top. He's holding a bat staring into space with his hand on his hip. if you could tell me the BV or anything on this card,it would be much apprecciated. if you want it too or any ones in the pic There FS or FT. Here's a pic. it's the 3rd one going to the right on top:

user posted image

The only # ed one i have is a '07 Topps Chrome MMS16 #ed 152/500.
I believe those book @$12... from the cards that never were... when upper deck had mantles rights... I have the 500 set from 07... hope that helps you out.. thanks for the offering
whos got them tonight?
U need this!!!! 1956 Topps Mickey

user posted image
BV 1800

Selling only on THIS.. If Interested hit me up by PM.

just looking for serial numbered items.. thanks
You probably don't need these, but let me know. I collect Twins

anywayuser posted image
swib.. if you come across any serial numbered mantles that you think i might be able to use... plmk... I have some twins serial numbered/refractor items to offer. .thanks
I'm sure you do, You look like a Minnesota man yourself judging by the teams you like.
I would definitely want those, but unfortunately I don't have any #'d Mantles right now.
Oh well
twins need to sweep starting tonight... come on baker
blackburns turn.. go twins
baker does it again.. come on Tigers
user posted image
pm if interested
very nice card.. but i dont collect his game used items
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