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Full Version: 2008 Leaf Limited
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From what it looks like, they're really changing the product this year. It's no longer a pack of cards in a little black box.

According to the link below, it's now a 5-card a pack, 16 packs per box product. 4 autos or GU cards per box.

Some of the stuff looks very nice, but I thought 2007 was such an amazing product and am quite surprised that they went so far away from it.


I like the new configuration, giving some value in return for the box price is always a good thing. Although it still is an expensive product at $160 for 16 packs.
BOOOOOO!! Why did they do this? They switched this to the same configuration as Threads and increased the price point. And I was SO looking forward (and saving for) a case this year.

AND they increased the print runs on the Phenoms RCs throughout all tiers. Ugh. Should be renamed Leaf Not-So-Limited...
19th Century Indiana Jones
Are those going to be sticker AUs or on-card AUs?
Probally sticker like usual, and i hate that there doing this, i wanted a couple boxes this year but not if there doing this!!!
Leaf limited was a solid product as a high end 1 pack per box for all these years..

Why do mfg gotta screw with a good thing that works!

In fact I was happier than heck theat UD followed suit with the sweet spot/shot products.

it protected collectors from pack searching and you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was going to be a hit inside every box/tin/hinged case!

Boneheaded move in my opinion!
I prefer the 1 pack box version of this product over this. I kind of liked the numbered base cards of previous years and I thought that's what made the product "Limited". Looks like I'll stick to group breaks of this product and just buy Gridiron Gear.
Just to vent a little more... apparently sales have no impact in deciding whether to retool a product. 07 Limited was almost always sold out at every shop/show in my area, I begged my shop owner to restock it weekly! They had to notice that Limited was selling like crazy, so I guess this is a case of greed overcoming common sense.
Bad idea by Donruss...this was their "Ultimate Collection" level product, at a more affordable price, with some of the best subsets for a "pack for a hundred bucks" product. They basically just turned it into Leaf Certified Materials Series 2.
QUOTE(TheCircusMonkey @ Aug 6 2008, 03:24 PM)
They basically just turned it into Leaf Certified Materials Series 2.

That's exactly what I thought ... LCM part II ...

I was so looking forward to this years LL, now I don't know whether to buy it or just stay with the original LCM.
Personally, Limited is always a great buy and 2007 was especially good value.....3 hits for around $77.

Basically, it's now more or less out of my budget....I can't see myself paying double the price for an extra hit. Granted, you get more cards and inserts, but unless they are spectacular, I just don't see the point in changing a sure-fire hit. Hopefully DLP will prove me wrong biggrin.gif
the more cards, the lesser value, I feel they should have just stayed with the Pack/box and maybe added an additional hit.
EWWWWW!!!! All i can really say about this tactic! They are selling this for the same price as SPX with 6 less hits and more base....
i like the look of the slideshow autos this year..

i honestly dont care about the 16 packs
because i wouldnt bust a box of this either way smile.gif
Yea i guess this will be a secondary market thing for me as well
07 limited was the fav dunno about 08 , i loved the 1 pack thrill
I'm going to have to give them a thumbs down on this decision also. I like the look of this years product, but it definitly is LCM II now, and nothing so special anymore. Stupid.

Hail To The Redskins!!-Ray
If it ain't broke don't fix it!

Products like Leaf Limited/Triple Threads/etc aren't my type of tea (because of the high price point and limited busting involved along with my budget), but DLP had a good thing going with Leaf Limited. Now they are adding 12 packs of base/inserts and that's about it.

Edit: Just glanced at the sell sheet; depending on the price value of the inserts it might not be an entirely bad thing. But most of the collectors who buy it have the disposable income and are looking for big hits and nothing more!
2006 Leaf Limited was my favorite of 06/07/08

1 Pack. 1 Hit

It did not cost very much at all for a box 45-60$ and you could get something REALLY nice.
to tell you the truth i hate the products with 1 pack 7 cards 200 dollars but i love the formate for the 08
I would probably be ok with it to an extent if they had only upped the price to about $100 but I think it will be a big mistake to go up to the $160 range. I have only opened one box of the 07 but I really enjoyed it and plan on opening some more soon.
isn't this more like Absolute II... same price point, same number of hits, just more worthless base. And frankly in this new age of going green, do we really need to cut down more trees for more cards that just sit around in boxes?...

I never bought Leaf limited but I understood the allure. I'm not really sure what the idea of this tactic is unless they figure they can sell more single packs...
The 2007 was like a mid end premier and i am going to miss it , it seems like this days companys are really trying to eliminate the low end stuff ( e.g the new chronology bball)
I was going to order 3 cases of 08...but now that will be ZERO.
QUOTE(fjt13 @ Aug 10 2008, 09:07 PM)
to tell you the truth i hate the products with 1 pack 7 cards 200 dollars but i love the formate for the 08

07 Limited is around $85 not $'s well worth the price! I'm not a big fan of this new layout
nice thing is the new format will still have the old hits...but it's just a combo of all those other DLP products...pretty redundant and not necessary...

07 limited was one of the most popular products out there...but why listen to the customer...that have never been proved a good business not all...grr
I am still NOT happy with the reconfiguration, but..... I like what I am seeing for Packer legends on the checklist:

Jim Taylor!
Willie Wood!!
Reggie White!!!
Willie Davis!!!! smile.gif
A couple of positive points is that I just checked Blowout and pre-order price for a box is only $125, and the checklist looks good, the rookies aren't watered down with late round/undrafted players. Though two rookies that are missing from the checklist that from what I can tell has a big collector base are Colt Brennan and Mike Hart...not sure why those two were omitted.
so they are adding one hit and $15 packs and jacking the price up rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
07 is better than 08 just because the cards looked better
I bought a box and had some really nice pulls, nothing spectacular but a Gold Romo jersey and 3 RC autos...

Not quite worth the money I think...
don't worry all, the 08 price will soon deflate to the 07 price soon enough tongue.gif
yeah im thinking none for me
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