Have these 07 Playoff Prestige inserts up for trade/sale:

TP-4 Turning Pro - Maurice Jones Dres
League Leaders:
LL-2 Passing - Marc Bulger/Jon Kitna
LL-12 Receiving - Reggie Wayne/Roy Williams
NFL Draft:
NFLD-9 Antonio Pittman
NFLD-10 Tony Hunt
NFLD-31 Alan Branch
Gridiron Heritage:
GH-11 Brian Westbrook
GH-28 Foil 006/100: Jeremy Shockey
GH-29 Joe Horn
Prestigious Pros:
PP-12 Green 006/100 Willie Parker
PP-39 Blue 0283/1000 Eli Manning
Draft Picks Light Blue:
207 662/999 Selvin Young
244 468/999 Isaiah Stanback
Xtra Points:
18 Green 25/25 Lee Evans
99 Green 04/25 Chad Pennington
176 Purple 27/50 Jason Hill RC
217 Red 048/100 Laurent Robinson
40 Gold Julius Jones X 2
132 Gold Isaac Bruce

Also have the entire base set 1-150