It is wise to package and ship your cards off the same way you expect to receive a package. However, everone has their own perference, so here are some general guidelines that will make the transactions go more smoothly AND protect the card(s) better.

Packaging for single cards should at least include the following:

1. Penny sleeve
2. Top loader with transparent tape used at the opening
3. Cardboard or empty toploader sandwich taped down
4. Team Bag (optional)
5. Bubble Mailer with a couple of "weightless" styrofoam popcorn to "puff" up the package to meet the USPS requirement of 3/4" thickness (especially important if you use "in person" Delivery Confirmation (DC).

I encourage the use of DC when shipping. It shows the trader/buyer that you actually sent at a specific date vs "yeah...I sent it on Monday...I think"! DC is available in the USA only.

Save time and money on shipping:

If you use Paypal, you can save alot of time and money on shipping!

* Delivery Confirmation is only .14 vs .60 (in person at the post office)
* You can drop it off in the Metered Mail Box or hand it to your postman. In fact, if it's a PROIRTY Mail item you can schedule a FREE Pickup!
* A metered package DOES NOT require 3/4" THICKNESS like the "in person" package that needs DC!
* Lasty, a metered package only takes 2-3 days from coast to coast - in all honesty it's just as fast as proirity mail!!! Give it a try - you'll be glad that you did!

How to do it:
If you're an active ebayer, just print a label for an item that was previously sold - making changes to the "To" addressee.
Simply make a .01 payment to the other party involved in the transaction as "Goods, Others" (DO NOT use quasi cash), so they can print a label by hitting the "ship" button.

Any questions, please send me a Private Message (PM).