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Full Version: HUGE Mailday ... All FS/FT!! High/Mid/Low end!!
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A couple of these are PC, some are HTG, but most are FS/FT. I'm mainly looking to sell, but I'd also trade for some nice PC items of HOF/Legends.

These are what I've gotten in new, but please also check out my bucket for some other nice stuff in all sports as well as non-sports!! Also have a couple things for sale on eBay (LINK IN SIG).

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Please let me know what you like and MAKE OFFERS either in cards or $$.

Thanks a lot!

Can do,
user posted image
30/99 (ebay 1/1;) )
user posted image
user posted image

Bowe SPA Auto,
Need These

2007 SPA Trent Edwards Auto/Patch
2007 SPA Steve Smith Auto/Patch
2007 SPA Dwayne Bowe Auto
I like the calvin:

can do:
-Marshawn Lynch Classics auto
-Adrian Peterson/Barry Sanders dual jsy (08 elite)
-Marion Manningham elite RC auto /299
dauiz - no thanks... sorry

sfd - kinda like the larry johnson autos... not sure of bv and not sure how much i'd really wanna give up for them, but lmk. also, feel free to make me a $$$ offer. Thanks a lot!!

10alex10 - not sure what you want, but i kinda like these...

braylon edwards uncirc rc auto
lenny moore nt auto
marshawn lynch absolute auto

plmk guys... thanks!

like your trent edwards SPA.
D-bo spa
jacobs contenders
steve smith spa

marshawn bv 120
braylon auto 80
lenny moore 50
10alex10 - pm replied to

marcus - what are bv of those and do u have scans? plmk

thanks a lot!!


I like...
-Edwards SPA
-CJ LR&S Auto
-Quinn Dual GU
-Brady GU

pm me either way whether you see anything from this list or not..
-Jordan Palmer 2007 Presspass Silver Auto #/147
-Johnnie Lee Higgins 2007 Bouwman Chrome Auto-PENDING
-Garrett Mills 2006 Gridiron Gear RC Auto
-Chris Gamble 2004 Sage Auto #/750
-Brian St. Pierre 2003 Presspass Bronze Auto
-Abomi Okoye 2007 Topps Chrome Auto
-Gabe Watson 2006 Presspass Auto
-Chad Greenway 2006 Presspass Auto

-Tom Brady 2007 Leaf Rookie's and Stars Gold #/220 GU
-Sidney Rice 2007 Leaf Certified Materials GU
-Sidney Rice 2007 Leaf Rookie's and Stars Crusade Green GU
-Warrick Dunn 2006 Donruss Elite Zoning Comissions #/399 GU
-Curtis Martin 2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars Ruby #/299 GU
-Reggie Williams Skybox Edition Silver #/99 GU
-Chad Jackson 2006 Flair Showcase Showcase RC GU
-Demeco Ryans 2006 Presspass GU
-Champ Bailey 2002 UD MVP GU

Sidney Rice 2007 Score RC Graded 10

-James Jones 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Anthony Gonzalez 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Quincy Black 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Eric Wright 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Joe Thomas 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Marshawn Lynch 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Isaiah Stanback 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Aaron Sears 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Ben Grubbs 2007 Upper Deck RC
-David Harris 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Anthony Waters 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Tim Crowder 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Ikaika Alama-Francis 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Paul Williams 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Greg Olsen 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Gaines Adams 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Dwayne Jarrett 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Troy Smith 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Jon Beason 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Michael Okwo 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Kolby Smith 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Antonio Pittman 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Brandon Jackson 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Jacoby Jones 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Leon Hall 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Adam Carricker 2007 Upper Deck RC
-Zach Miller 2007 Upper Deck RC

-Ted Ginn Jr. 2007 Topps RC
-Anthony Gonzalez 2007 Topps RC
-Calvin Johnson 2007 Topps RC
-Yamon Figurs 2007 Topps RC
-Isaiah Stanback 2007 Topps RC
-Matt Spaeth 2007 Topps RC
-Brandon Mebane 2007 Topps RC
-Johnnie Lee Higgins 2007 Topps RC
-Aaron Ross 2007 Topps RC
-Craig Davis 2007 Topps RC
-Jordan Palmer 2007 Topps RC
-Zac Taylor 2007 Topps RC
-Tony Hunt 2007 Topps RC
-Kenneth Darby 2007 Topps RC
-Chris Henry 2007 Topps RC
-Brian Leonard 2007 Topps RC
-Kolby Smith 2007 Topps RC
-Garrett Wolfe 2007 Topps RC
-Robert Meachem 2007 Topps RC
-Jason Hill 2007 Topps RC
-Scott Chandler 2007 Topps RC
-Alan Branch 2007 Topps RC
-Jamaal Anderson 2007 Topps RC
-Adam Carricker 2007 Topps RC
-Quentin Moses 2007 Topps RC
-LaMarr Woodley 2007 Topps RC
-Brandon Siler 2007 Topps RC x2
-Jon Beason 2007 Topps RC
-Darrelle Revis 2007 Topps RC
-Daymeion Hughes 2007 Topps RC
-LaRon Landry 2007 Topps RC
-Reggie Nelson 2007 Topps RC
-Joe Thomas 2007 Topps RC
-Buster Davis 2007 Topps RC

-Joe Thomas 2007 Bouwman RC
-Laurent Robertson 2007 Bouwman RC
-Steve Breaston 2007 Bouwman RC
-LeRon McClain 2007 Bouwman RC
-Roy Hall 2007 Bouwman RC x2
-Kevin Boss 2007 Bouwman RC
-Brandon Jackson 2007 Bouwman RC
-Chris Henry 2007 Bouwman RC
-Thomas Clayton 2007 Bouwman RC
-Aundrea Allison 2007 Bouwman RC
-Steve Smith 2007 Bouwman RC x2
-Greg Olsen 2007 Bouwman RC
-Jarvis Moss 2007 Bouwman RC
-David Harris 2007 Bouwman RC
-Laurence Timmons 2007 Bouwman RC
-Jon Beason 2007 Bouwman RC
-Marcus McCauley 2007 Bouwman RC
-Jonathan Wade 2007 Bouwman RC
-Michael Griffin 2007 Bouwman RC
-Eric Weddle 2007 Bouwman RC
-Dan Bazmin 2007 Bouwman RC
-Quincy Black 2007 Bouwman RC
-Jay Alford 2007 Bouwman RC

-Abomi Okoye 2007 Bouwman Chrome RC
-LeRon McClain 2007 Bouwman Chrome RC
-Scott Chandler 2007 Bouwman Chrome RC
-Tyler Palko 2007 Bouwman Chrome RC
-John Broussard 2007 Bouwman Chrome RC
-Martrez Milner 2007 Bouwman Chrome RC
-Jon Beason 2007 Bouwman Chrome RC x2
-Brett Ratliff 2007 Bouwman Chrome RC x2
-Prescott Burgess 2007 Bouwman Chrome RC
-David Harris 2007 Bouwman Chrome RC

-Nick Mangold 2006 Bouwman Chrome RC
-Isaiah Stanback 2007 Bouwman Chrome Silver RC
-Chansi Stuckey 2007 Bouwman Chrome Silver RC
-Paul Posluszny 2007 Score RC
-Troy Smith 2007 Score RC
-Paul Williams 2007 Score RC
-Dan Cody 2005 Zenith RC #/999
-Cadillac Williams 2006 Prestige Turning Pro RC
-Abomi Okoye 2007 Topps DPP RC
-Joe Thomas 2007 Score RC
-David Clowney 2007 Prestige RC
-Marshawn Lynch 2007 Topps DPP Thick RC
-Vernon Davis 2006 Sage Hit RC
-Paul Pinegar 2006 Sage Hit RC
-Dominique Byrd 2006 Sage Hit RC
-Joe Flacco 2008 Aspire RC
-Joe Flacco 2008 UD Draft Edition RC
-Joe Flacco 2008 Sage Hit RC x2
-Reggie Bush 2006 Topps RC
-D'Qwell Jackson 2006 Topps RC
-Thomas Howard 2006 Topps RC
-Ernie Sims 2006 Topps RC
-Brian Calhoun 2006 Topps RC
-Brodie Croyle 2006 Topps DPP Thick RC
-Mario Williams 2006 Presspass SE RC
-Marvin Harrison 1996 Stadium Club RC
-Tamba Hail 2006 Topps "Special Edition Rookie" RC
-Brandon Jacobs 2005 Ultra RC
-Marshall Faulk 1994 Skybox RC x2
-Bernard Berrian 2004 Topps RC
-Dwayne Bowe 2007 Topps Rookie Fantasy Challenge RC
-Eli Manning 2004 Presspass Big Numbers RC
-Matt Leinart 2006 Topps Turn Back The Clock RC
-Marcus Vick 2006 Topps Total RC
-Vernon Davis 2006 Topps Total RC
-Reggie Bush 2006 Topps Total RC
-Laurence Mauroney 2006 Presspass SE RC
-Derek Hagan 2006 Topps RC
-Jason Witten 2003 Presspass JE RC
-J.J Arrington 2005 Topps RC
-Anttaj Hawthorne 2005 Topps RC
-D'Brickashaw Ferguson 2006 Topps RC
-Travis Wilson 2006 Topps RC
-A.J. Hawk 2006 Presspass SE RC
-John Henderson/ Albert Haynesworth Fleer 2002 RC
-Ben Watson 2004 Score RC
-Lendale White 2006 Presspass SE GOLD RC
-Jimmy Williams 2006 Topps DPP RC
-Taykor Jacobs 2003 Topps RC
-Michael Huff 2006 Topps Turn Back The Clock RC
-David Carr 2002 Presspass RC
-Lionel Gates 2005 Topps RC
-Bruce Gradkowski 2006 Presspass SE RC
-Darrell Hackney 2006 Presspass SE RC
-DeAngelo Hall 2004 Presspass Big Numbers RC
-Travis Daniels 2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars RC Longevity Ruby #/250
-Vernon Davis 2006 Presspass SE RC
-Justin Fargas 2003 Topps RC
-Chad Jackson 2006 Topps Red Hot Rookies RC
-TarVaris Jackson 2006 Upper Deck Star Rookies RC
-Gaines Adams 2007 Ultra RC
-Robert Gallery 2004 Presspass RC
-Chris Chambers 2002 UD MVP RC
-Nate Clements 2001 Topps RC
-Antonio Cromartie 2006 UD Star Rookies RC
-Brodie Croyle 2006 Topps Red Hot Rookies RC
-Jay Cutler 2006 Presspass SE RC
-Brock Berlin 2005 Topps RC
-Nate Burleson 2003 Topps RC
-Matt Leinart 2006 Aspire RC
-Billy McMullen 2003 Prestige RC
-Brandon Meriweather 2006 Ultra RC
-Terrence Murphy 2005 Topps RC
-Legedu Naanee 2007 UD First Edition RC
-David Garrard 2002 Pacific RC
-Steve Smith 2007 Finest RC
-Laurene Timmons 2007 Finest Refractor RC
-Nick Barnett 2003 Topps RC
-Ronald Bellamy 2003 UD MVP RC
-Dan Orlovsky 2005 Presspass Paydirt RC
-Dewayne Robertson 2003 Topps RC
-Koren Robinson 2001 Topps RC
-Darrelle Revis 2007 UD First Edition RC
-Aaron Rodgers 2005 Presspass SE RC x2 (one is GOLD)
-Ben Roethlisberger 2004 Presspass Blue RC
-Charles Rogers 2003 Topps DPP RC
-JaMarcus Russell 2007 Presspass RC
-Teyo Johnson 2003 Score RC
-Osi Umenyiora 2003 Topps RC
-David Garrard 2002 Fleer Maximum True Colors RC #/3500
-John Broussard 2007 Bouwman GOLD RC
-Dallas Baker 2007 Bouwman GOLD RC
-Derek Stanley 2007 Bouwman GOLD RC
-Dante Hughes 2007 Bouwman GOLD RC

I saw quite a bit, please let me know!
PCMB foir the Steve SMith SPA, and the CJ LRS rc auto


can use the donruss classic namith/kelleyjersey cmb hope we can work something out
what does the Namath/Kelly book? and who do you collect so I can see what to offer you.

arobbins - like the craig letterman, but not for either of the things that you wanted from me. lmk bv and if there is anything else that you liked of mine. thanks!

ronaldinho - sorry, nothing that I could use. thanks! - liked these:
edwards spa
quinn spa
bradshaw spa
rogers/smith/campbell auto
yogi berra gu
levi brown sage auto
merlin olson auto
larry little gu

plmk bv and what you liked of mine as well as sell prices. thanks a lot!

jer123pat123 - kinda like these... lmk bv of them please
edwards patch
quinn sp patch
elway patch
favre gu (all)
portis gu
montana gu
franco harris gu
sayers gu
jones/tarkenton gu
jim brown gu
marino gu
theismann gu
michael robinson psu gu
craig fan favorites auto

damws - it doesn't book it's #/15... i collect nice Redskins gu/autos or HOF/Legend gu/autos

plmk everybody! Thanks a lot!!

you get my pm?
yeah... i'm not really sure, i know that you aren't too sure about that offer and I probably wouldn't do it anyway. it's a nice offer, just not too interested in it. thanks though!

QUOTE(SkinsFan0521 @ Jul 2 2008, 10:15 PM)
yeah... i'm not really sure, i know that you aren't too sure about that offer and I probably wouldn't do it anyway. it's a nice offer, just not too interested in it. thanks though!


what else can i put in..
i dunno man... It's not that you're offering me a bad deal or anything, i'm just not really all that interested in the lynch (which is kinda the main card)
what about my lynch bv120 and braylon edwards xfraactor auto bv80

not in my bucket
is a matt moore spx auto #/199 bv40
and jaycutler artifacts auto bv80
steve smith spa auto!!
sorry man, just not really interested in the lynch...

pm sent.
kobelover - like these... obviously the Sayers is higher, but lmk if u liked anything else. the smith is $60:

bob sanders by the letter auto
sayers auto 1/3
and a few things of the hof in your pc
Hey SkinsFan biggrin.gif

I could use a few of these pending books:
Trent Edwards SPA
Namath/Kelly dual jersey
Tom Brady jersey

umgophers - trent edwards books 100, but this is 4clr and probably going to be sold rather than traded because of it's high sell value. namath/kelly is #/15 and doesn't book, i'm looking for nice HOF/Legend gu/autos in return and the brady is also a patch (only 1 color) and is $50 i believe.

lmk what you've got as far as hof/legends and if you have a bucket or anything. Thanks a lot!

how much money do you want
for the trent. ive been looking to buy one
forever, lmk a me or something.
can put the lenny moore in and like -20$.
or if you just want cash for it than thats good.
lmk man

10alex10 - pm sent

gophers - pm replied to
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