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Full Version: Just a friendly reminder about trading Partners
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If you notice while dealing with another member that their respective user name is in RED LETTERS

It means they are on some kind of trading restriction for past indiscretions!

One type is a "MUST SEND FIRST"
This means that this member must send his end of the transaction out first. No matter if it is a sale, trade what have you! If you negotiate a deal with a member on 'MSF' he must send first, you must receive and then you can send!

This simply means that this member is NOT ALLOWED to negotiate transactions at the current time on TCC! The member either has too many aging pending transactions or has failed numerous trades due to his doing!

Please pay attention to your trading partners! TCC is a great home and a wonderful trading site, 99.9% of our members are honest and act in good faith in negotiations, that is what sets us apart from the competition!

TCC does not have a send first rule regarding new members as do other sites, but if you stipulate such in your agreement , and the new member concurs then so be it!

Currently there are members who have personal rules regarding trades here in their Signatures. Those are a matter of personal preference and are not part of the TCC guidelines or rules. They will not be enforced by site administration!

Thank You!
thanks for the clarification steve! i have asked a few restricted members whom ive have transactions with to send first on a sale and was told that it only applied to trades! well now i know!
Whats the judgment call on a sale with a "MUST SEND FIRST" member as the seller? Sales are usually PAYMENT FIRST, then the cards sent. EDIT: Oh I see sasports post explains that.

I fortunately haven't had any problems with restricted trading partners, but one time I made a trade/sale with a "Must Send First" that was part trade part sale. I was sending a group of cards with a lesser overall BV than the other member was sending, so I had to add $5-$10 or so to the deal. I agreed to send my end with the payment first to please my trade partner, since as he said money was also involved.
I usually will send out if a MSF member provides DC then I will send out after they have given that to me.
i dealt with one guy and we made the transaction when he was on Must send First. and He never got back on to deal and update!
luckily the great staff here was making him send first! smile.gif
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