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Full Version: Amazing deal on Futera 2007 World Football case
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Hey guys/gals,

I just got in contact with a Futera rep and they are giving me an amazing deal on a case of "2007 World Football Foil Pack Release" which is 12 boxes, the only problem is I don't really want 12 boxes, so I thought I could open it up for some members to see if I can get a few interested parties to go in on the deal with me.

Basically a case of this stuff retails for 750 British Pounds but they told me I can have a case for 250 Pounds. That works out to just under $500 Canadian, which split four ways is only $125, which would net you 3 boxes of this product. If you are interested just let me know. I would need you to pay the $125, plus whatever it costs me to ship your boxes. However, if there's a lot of interest, I suppose it wouldn't be a big deal if I kept 4 boxes myself and let other people buy single boxes.

Here is a glimpse of this amazing product. (BTW.. a lot of the good hits sell for well over $100 on eBay.)

PS I am verified on a few other trading sites, so it won't be hard to prove my good trading record and I can also provide eBay information for further proof of my legitimacy, so don't be afraid just because I haven't posted on TCC all that much!

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how did you get it for 500 quid less?
QUOTE(flea @ Jun 13 2008, 03:33 PM)
how did you get it for 500 quid less?

I was wondering the same thing and this is the reason they gave me.

"We ourselves have been sold out of the World Football 2007 Collection for some time, but an allocation which had been sent to a UK newstrade Distributor who had overlooked them, and so they have made that stock available back to us for any customers looking for this collection."

"...the reason these cases are offered at this particularly low price is because the cases have been in his storage and are being despatched directly from there, and are not direct Futera stock."
It's a once in a lifetime deal because I'm sure this stock won't last very long. If no one wants to split the case with me I'll probably just end up shelling out the $500 for the entire case because I don't want to miss such a great deal.
That's a ridiculously good deal, it's just I don't like to break boxes. I prefer to just buy cards I want.

There might be some other members on this board that would go in with you on it.
A box of this stuff goes for $77 + $10 shipping on eBay.

To make it easier for those that don't want a lot, I can let you buy just one box $65 delivered. If you can commit to 3 boxes or more you get it at cost which is approximately $125 for 3 boxes + whatever delivery costs work out to.

LMK.. I am buying this stuff either way, but wouldn't mind sharing the cost, since I don't really need all 12 boxes.
Have you gotten any responce to the offer? and are you still letting people buy a "lot" if they are interested?
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