On March 22, for the first time anywhere, Stand up comedy trading cards were made available to the public.

The brain-child of comedian Dante. He has put together a set of 20 comedians cards to be sold as sets or in packs. The packs also include comedians not found in the main set, tribute cards, autographs and more. He premiered them on Tuesday night at the Royal Room in Canoga park and launched the website The Laughter Store on Ventura in Sherman Oaks is also selling them. They are selling very well. Soon they will be available in specialty stores all over the country.

Some of the comedians included in the cards are Hollywood squares fav Craig Shoemaker (The lovemaster), Tonight Show player Mike Marino, Anthony Ramos, Eric Edwards (Blade, Sgt. Bilko) , Political humorist Will Durst, and of course Dante.

The cards are so popular that a 2005 series 2 set is already in the works. About 10 comedians have already signed on and many more celebs are interested.

A portion of the money will go to raise funds to start a charity for comedians called THE FOUNDATION FOR THE COMEDIC ARTS. This will be the only charity that helps comedians themselves.

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