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Full Version: Football autos and Game used for trade
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Looking for the usual, you know Matt Schaub, Steelers and maybe something that catches my eye. Willing to sell some of this stuff.

Non Sports Auto
2002 Battle of the Planets
Yanick Paquette Black Ink (496/1000) #A7


2006 Press Pass Auto
Leonard Pope Blue Ink w/# 81 in sig (UGA)

2006 Sage Hit
Hank Baskett Blue Ink #A52 (New Mexico Lobos)

2006 Sage
Robert Ferguson Blue Ink #A14 (268/650)

2005 Leaf Certified "Mirror New Generation"
Bryant McFadden (74/100)(Rookie) Blue Ink (Steelers)

2005 SP Authentic "Scripts for Success"
Trent Green Blue ink w/# 10 in sig(Chiefs)
David Greene® Blue Ink (Seahawks)
Lee Evans Blue Ink (Bills)

2005 UD Legends "Legendary Signatures" (Only for stuff in sig)
Art Donovan Blue Ink (Colts)

2005 Sage "Red" Auto
Ronnie Brown Blue Ink (494/999) (Auburn/Dolphins)

2005 Gridiron Gear "Next Generation"
Keary Colbert Black Ink (2/50) (Panthers)

2005 Heritage Auto
Craig Bragg Blue Ink (Packers)

2005 Sweet Spot "Gold Rookie Signatures"
David Greene #244 (Seahawks) (5/100) Not smeared

2005 Topps NFL Certified Auto
Nate Wayne #T-NW w/# in sig (Eagles)

2005 Press Pass Auto
Rodddy White Blue Ink (UAB/Falcons)
Jason White Blue Ink (98/100) (Sooners)
J.J. Arrington Blue Ink (Cal Golden Bears)
Khalif Barnes Blue Ink w/# 65 in Sig (Washington)
Stanley Wilson Blue Ink w/# 2 in Sig (Stanford)
Elton Brown w/# 61 in sig (UVA Alumni)
Noah Herron (Wildcats/Packers)
Fred Gibson w/# 82 in sig (Georgia/Steelers)

2005 UD Reflections Signatures
Charles Frederick(x2) Blue Ink (Giants)
J.R. Russell Blue Ink (Buccaneers)
James Butler BLue ink (Giants)

2005 Topps Finest
Courtney Roby Blue Ink (Titans)
Adrian McPherson Blue Ink (141/399) (Saints)
Gino Guidugli Refractor Blue Ink w/ # 8 in sig(328/399) (Titans)
Vernand Morency Blue Refractor Blue Ink(208/299) (Texans) More than a checkmark
Craphonso Thorpe Blue Ink (66/199) (KC Chiefs)

2005 Bowman "Signs of the Future"
Alvin Pearman Blue Ink (UVA Alumni)(Jaguars)

2005 Absolute Spectrum Rookie AUto
Dante Ridgeway Black Ink (Ball State/St. Loius Rams)(16/100)

2005 Sage Gold Hit Auto
Terrence Murphy Blue Ink (102/250) (Texas A & M/Packers)

2005 Topps DPP "Class marks"
Fred Gibson Blue Ink (UGA/Steelers)

2005 Topps Pristine "Personal Endorsements"
Channing Crowder Blue Ink (42/1500)(Dolphins)

2005 UD Foundations "Rookie Foundations"
Barrett Rudd Blue Ink #217 (544/699) Buccaneers
Brandon Jacobs Blue Ink #225 (673/699) Giants
Travis Johnson Blue Ink #228 (573/699) Texans

2004 Topps Fan Favorites (Only for stuff in sig)
Gary Fencik Blue Ink(Bears All-time Interception Leader) (Bears)
Roger Craig Blue Ink (49ers)
Leonard Marshall Blue Ink (Giants)
STANLEY MORGAN Blue Ink w/# 86 in sig (Patriots)

2004 SP GAME USED Edition "Signatures"
MARK BRUNELL Blue ink (37/100) (Redskins/Jaguars)

2004 UD Diamond Collectionn "Signs of 2004"
Dante Hall BLue Ink w/# 82 in sig (84/100) Chiefs

2004 UD Legends "Legendary Signatures"
Robert Brazile Blue Ink #LS-RB (Oilers)

2004 Score Inscriptions
Bertrand Berrian (Cardinals)

2004 Ultimate Collection "Rookie Signatures"
Devard Darling (BLue Ink, Ravens) (11/250 his Uniform #)

2004 Bowman "Signs of the Future"
Ernest Wilford Blue Ink (Jaguars)
Jerricho Cotchery Blue Ink(Jets)
Keary Colbert Blue Ink (Panthers)

2004 UD Signature Foundations Auto
Ernest Wilford Blue Ink (Jaguars)

2004 Leaf Certified "New Generation" Auto
Ryan Krause (996/1000) (Chargers)

2004 Sage Auto's
Derrick Knight (376/550) (Boston College/Jets)
Rashaun Woods (34/777) (Oklahoma State/Chargers)
Kevin Jones (238/500) (Virginia Tech/Lions)
Michael Jenkins (197/395) (Ohio State/Falcons)

2004 Press Pass Auto's
Ricardo ColClough (TC/Steelers)
Keith Smith (?/Lions)
Darius Watts w/# 40 in sig (Marshall/Broncos)
Derrick Strait(x2) w/# 2 in sig (Sooners/Jets)

2004 Topps DP&P "Class Marks Auto"
Cedric Cobbs Blue Ink (Arkansas/Patriots)
Cody Pickett Blue Ink w/# 3 in Sig (Washington/?)
Ernest Wilford Blue Ink (VT/Jaguars)

2004 Topps Finest Auto
Jeff Smoker Blue Ink (140/199)

2004 Pristine "Personal Endorsements"
Jericho Cotchcery Blue Ink

2004 UD Diamond Collection "Pro Sigs" Signature Collection
Casey Clausen Blue Ink (Chiefs)
Jerricho Cotchery(Jets) Blue Ink

2004 SP Authentic "Scripts for Success"
B.J. Symons Blue Ink #SS-BS (Texas Tech/Texans)
Rashaun Woods Blue Ink #SS-RW (49ers, now a Charger)
Ben Troupe Blue Ink #SS-BT (Titans)

2004 UD Reflections "Signature Reflections"
Greg Jones Blue Ink (Jaguars)

2004 UD Sweet Spot Rookie Signatures
Ben Hartsock (427/699) Black Ink (Colts)

2004 Finite HG "Signatures"
Reggie Williams Blue Ink (Jaguars)

2003 UD Patches Collection "Signature Patches"
Aaron Brooks Blue Ink (Saints, now a Raider)

2003 Contenders Rookie Season Ticket Auto
LaTarence Dunbar #171 (Black Ink, 692/999) (Falcons)
Rashean Mathis #195 (Black Ink, 320/589) (Jaguars)

2003 SP Authentic
Brooks Bollinger (w/# 5 in Sig)(1166/1200) (Jets)

2003 Press Pass Bronze
Angelo Crowell (Blue Ink)
Rashean Mathis (Blue Ink)
Chris Brown (Blue Ink) w/# 22 in Sig

2003 UD Pros & Prospects
Shaun Alexander(Blue Ink)(Swahawks)w/Ps37:4 in sig/Reshard Lee
Chris Brown(Blue Ink)(Colorado/Titans)/Mike Anderson #156 (1489/2000)
Terrell Suggs(Blue Ink)(Arizona State/Ravens)/Leo Nomellini (955/2000)

2003 Sage Hit
Dave Ragone (Blue Ink) #A15 (Louisville/Texans)
Kevin Curtis (Blue Ink) A33 (Utah State/Rams) (158/250)

2003 SPx Auto/Jersey
Dave Ragone® Blue Ink/Titan Blue Mesh 797/1100(Texans)

2003 Playoff Honors "Prime Signatures"
Brian St. Pierre Black Ink (185/300) (Steelers)

2002 Playoff Honors Honorable Signatures
Quincy Morgan Black Ink #HS-42 (Browns)

2002 SPx Auto/Jersey
Andre Davis® Blue Ink/Brown Mesh 703/999(Browns)

2002 Sage Autograph (UNC Alumni)
Ronald Curry Blue Ink w/# 1 in sig (292/800)

2002 Press Pass Auto (Va Tech Alumni)
Andre Davis® Blue Ink

2001 Press Pass
Drew Brees w/# 15 in sig (Purdue/Chargers, now a Saint)

2001 Bowman Chrome Auto
Joe Horn BLue Ink

2001 Topps Legends Auto (Only for stuff in sig)
Terry Metcalf w/# 21 in sig (Cardinals)
Charlie Joiner Blue Ink (Chargers)

2000 SP Authentic Buyback Autographs
Herman Moore (27/221) Blue Ink (Lions)

2000 Finest "Finest Moments Refractor"
Champ Bailey Blue Ink (Redskins/Broncos)

2000 SP Authentic "Sign of the Times"
Herman Moore w/#84 in sig Blue Ink(Lions)

2000 Bowman Reserve Autograph
Daunte Culpepper #DC # 11 in sig (Vikings)
Germane Crowell #GC (Lions)
Marcus Robinson #MR (Bears)

2000 Sage
Shyrone Stith Blue Ink (33/999) (Va Tech Alumni)

2000 Pacific Auto
R. Jay Soward (Blue Ink) #443 (USC)

2000 Press Pass Autographs
Danny Farmer Blue Ink (UCLA)
Chris Hovan Black Ink (BC)
Corey Moore Blue Ink (Va Tech)

2000 Fleer "Autographics"
Terry Kirby Black Ink (Browns)

1999 Fleer "Sports Illustrated Autograph Collection"
Bert Jones (Black Ink) (Colts)
Garo Yepremian (Black Ink) (Dolphins)
Don Maynard (Black Ink) (J E T S)

1999 UD Century Legends "Epic Signatures"
Don Maynard Blue ink #MY
Jack Youngblood Blue Ink #JY

1999 Sage Auto
Edgerrin James Blue Ink (752/859)

1999 Fleer Focus Fresh Ink Autograph
Jeff Blake (Bengals)

1999 SP Auhentic "Players Ink"
Natrone Means BLue Ink w/# 20 in sig (Chargers)

1999 Press Pass Autograph
Troy Edwards (Blue Ink)

1998 Sjybox "Autographics"
John Randle Black Ink (Vikings)

1997 UD NFL Legends
Chuck Foreman BLue Ink (Vikings)

1997 Topps Autograph Issue
Herman Moore Blue Ink w/# 84 in Sig

1997 Press Pass
Jim Druckenmiller Blue Ink w/# 16 in sig

1995 Proline Classic Auto
Keenan McCardell w/#87 in sig (2301/2403AP) (Browns)
Willie Anderson Signed as "Flipper" (968/1140) (Rams)

1995 Signature Autograph Rookies $2.00 Phone cards,
John Sacca (Blue Ink, 3251/3750)
Brent Moss (Blue ink, 3456/3750)

1995 Superior Pix
Steve McNair Blue Ink (723/3000) (Alcorn State/Titans)

1994 Classic Picks "Draft 94" Auto COA "Score Board"
Trent Dilfer Blue Ink

1994 Proline Live Auto
Willie McGinest Rookie (Blue Ink, 2388/3520)(USC)

1993 Classic Pro Line Live
Sterling Sharpe (Black Ink, 720/1050) (Packers)
Ray Childress (Blue Ink, 350/950)(Oilers)

1992 Pro Line Portraits Auto
Christian Okoye #7 of 9 (KC Chiefs)
Warren Moon #2 of 9 (Vikings, Oilers,Titans, and many other teams)

1991 Pro Line Portraits Auto
Herman Moore Black Ink w/# 84 in Sig (Lions)

Game Used Pieces
2005 Honors "Alma Mater Materials"
Drew Bledsoe (Washington State White Mesh) #AM-8

2005 Donruss Throwback Threads
Tiki Barber (172/275) FTBL w/Stitch holes

2004 Absolute "Rookie Premiere Materials"
Dunta Robinson Football(Writing)/Jersey(Blue) (462/750)
Rashaun Woods Football/Jersey(Red) (179/750)

2004 Sage Jersey Update
Matt Schaub UVA Blue Mesh #19

2003 UD MVP "Souveniers Game Ball"
Drew Brees Football

2003 Hogg Heaven "Leather-N-Leather
Chris Brown (106/250)

2003 Absolute "Rookie Premiere Materials"
Terrell Suggs Football(Writing)/Jersey(Purple) (247/750)

2002 Absolute "Rookie Premiere Materials"
T.J. Duckett Football(Stitching holes)/Jersey(Black) (295/825)

2001 Private Stock Titanium Post Season
Ricky Watters Jersey 3 color Piece of the eye from the Seahawk patch

2001 Donruss Classics "Stadium Stars"
Raymond Berry, Memorial Stadium(Natural Wood Seat)

2001 Topps Archives Relics
Eric Dickerson, Anaheim Stadium Orange Seat
Paul Hornung, Milwaukee County Stadium (Natural Wood Seat)

2001 Topps Heritage "Souvenir Seating"
Bart Starr, Milwaukee County Stadium (Natural Wood Seat)
Lenny Moore, Memorial Stadium Seat (Natural Wood Seat)
Chuck Bednarik, Connie Mack Stadium Seat (Natural Wood Seat)

2001 Invincible "Authentic Game Worn Jersey"
Herman Moore (232/750) (Lions Blue Mesh) #82

2000 Absolute "Leather & Laces"
Herman Moore Football (Writing)(41/175)Nov. 2, 1997 game

2000 Fleer "Feel the Game"
Herman Moore GW Jersey (Lions Blue Mesh)

1998 Edge Fury "NFL GameBall"
Jake Plummer Football (Chipping along edges of card on back)
2004 UD Diamond Collectionn "Signs of 2004"
Dante Hall BLue Ink w/# 82 in sig (84/100) Chiefs

2004 Sage Auto's
Kevin Jones (238/500) (Virginia Tech/Lions)
Michael Jenkins (197/395) (Ohio State/Falcons)

2004 UD Reflections "Signature Reflections"
Greg Jones Blue Ink (Jaguars)

LMK on these id like the greg jones the most
the only thing I saw was the Jerome Rookie cards
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