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Full Version: NFL Series 17 Pictures
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NFL 2008 Wave 1 (Series 17) is due to be released September 2008.

Joseph Addai (Sweet pose)
user posted image

Reggie Bush 2 (another sweet pose)
user posted image

Brett Favre 5 (I like it and I don't like it. The captain's patch looks good.)
user posted image

Randy Moss 4 (I'm not happy that we are seeing another Moss but I am happy about this pose. thumbsup.gif)
user posted image

Willie Parker (I'm not a Steelers fan but this is a must have. I absolutely love this pose.)
user posted image

Tony Romo 2 sick.gif
user posted image

JaMarcus Russell (Pretty nice looking.)
user posted image

Now for the T.O. Collectors edition.

Nothing against you Cowboys fans but enough is enough. There isn't any need for another Romo and a T.O. collectors edition. Instead of those 2 we should be seeing some Giants players since they did win the Super Bowl. Sometimes I think Todd McFarlane doesn't know what he is doing....

user posted image
I can think of 25 figures I would much rather have made than half of these. Is it me or do the QBs all have the same freaking pose?

I like the snow on the favre that is pretty cool.. I dont think the russell is big enuf.... LOL
theyre all cool, but i agree that the QBs should have different poses
Love the Reggie Bush jawdrop.gif
The detail on those is amazing.

From what I can see Favre's face doesn't look right though.
the bush is defintly detailed and is in a pose that is kinda different than other RBs
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