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Full Version: 2007 Bowman's Best Baseball
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For the March 2008 TCC Baseball Group Box Break, we busted a box of 2007 Bowman's Best Baseball.

Each box has three mini-boxes in it. Each mini-box has five packs and includes three autos. So, there is a total of 9 autos altogether. Each mini-box will contain a veteran auto, a RC auto, and a prospect auto. So, three of each total.

In our box, we pulled exactly what we were supposed to.

Here are links to the videos of the break:

Part 1

Part 2

We pulled the following autographed cards:

Troy Tulowitzki RC
Prince Fielder (Veteran)
Ryan Braun RC
Hanley Ramirez (Veteran)
Michael Bourn RC
Chris Marrero (Prospect)
Joe Mather Gold /50 (Prospect)
Bill Hall (Veteran)
James Avery (Prospect)

The autos of Fielder, Tulo, and Braun were great. The Hanley wasn't bad either, and getting a Gold Prospect Auto was nice, too.

However, as you can tell from the list of players we received autos from, the collation could have been better. Three of the nine autos were of Brewers (Fielder, Braun, Hall). This was great for our member who bought the Brewers, but definitely did not aid in spreading out the hits among all members of the group break.

Additionally, many of the cards has visible surface scratches on them coming out of the packs. I was very disappointed in the overall condition of the cards. I like the design and the look of the cards, and I like that they are shiny, but this also led to them being easily scratched. And, as stated, many came out of the packs with visible scratches on the surface.

Here is a picture of the Tulowitzki with the big scratch in the upper right:

user posted image

Also, we were stuck with several duplicates in the base cards. The checklist is very weak for several teams. For instance, I'm not sure we even pulled a base card for a Texas Rangers player, and yet we pulled two Jason Bays, and duplicates of a number of other players. That coupled with the three Brewers autos, leads me to believe that Topps did a horrible job with collating this product.

So, overall here's my summary:

The Good

Nice autograph selection
Cards "look" great
Got all the hits we were promised, including a Gold Prospect Auto /50

The Bad

Condition of the cards was horrible
Three Brewers Autos?
Bad collation on base cards
nice vids!
yea i busted a couple boxes for that product a lil while ago.

i agree, the condition of the cards are definitely lacking, but thats most likely to the stock and foil they use. however, i think the cards are awesome and your box was incredible!

My biggest hit outta my 2 boxes was a Albert Pujols AU in one, anda Fernando Martinez AU in the other. the rest of the autos weren't anything special
nice pulls man
You did a great job on the autos. Of course as usual I know nothing about the prospects so do not even get me started on that. I really like the designs of the base cards too. I think when every card has the refractor technology it makes the break all the more special. Overall you did a decent job. Of course that is barring the fact that you did not pull a joba auto or anything of that type. The rookies in the box were very solid. Great box! I really enjoy your videos.
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