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Full Version: joining the ARMY! cards need a good home!
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im selling off my collection as i will not be able to take them with me. i would like to sell in a complete lot.. but may be willing to do special deals...
there are a ton of cards here graded autos gu...
some auto to be named:
i dont know....
check the bucket.. its not completely updated.. .but most of it is..
make me an a reasonable offer and they are yours... i am not expecting anywhere close to bv so CHILL! blink.gif

thanks and wish me luck!
good luck on the army! I have been in for 5 years. What MOS are you going into? I will talk to my wife about wether or not I can buy your cards.
Best of luck to ya!!! Possible to get a price on the Gonzo auto and the Lynch/Wright dual?
I Just Wanna Say Good Luck Man.

Also, You Guys In The Army Are Pretty Much Amazing People And I Really Do Appriciate It!!!

More Brave Than I Am
thanks gentlemen, my M.O.S. is 35T...
though i am really wanting to get into the warrant officer program under 09W...

thank you very much for your service.

grew up an army brat here and have seen firsthand the dedication it takes.

side note: like the j russell /10, gonzo auto, bowe auto, p rivers artifacts /50
thanks nyfancam01... hope all is going well in sylva.. say hey the guys at sports colletibles for me.. tell em jay said hey.
35T!!!!! have fun. I am a 35F! hopfully once you complete training you will get back into collecting. I am currently on my second tour in iraq and and doing pretty good with my collection! Good Luck man
QUOTE(sasports @ Mar 15 2008, 01:31 PM)
35T!!!!! have fun.  I am a 35F!  hopfully once you complete training you will get back into collecting.  I am currently on my second tour in iraq and and doing pretty good with my collection!  Good Luck man

i plan on it... just for now i have no where to leave them and i want to go in with no baggage!.. perhaps i will catch you out there.. but hopefull you will get to come home long before i get out that way. i will have something like 52 weeks in training including basic. how are you likeing 35f? you've got the the heart and soul job of our men out there. it seems like a lot of responsibility! im sure youre making your family proud.
take care of yourself and tell our boys where to shoot! lol
how much for the stanton printing plate jsy?
I've been in for over 8 years now. 12 and some change to Good luck brother.

its fun. i have been sent to countires all over the world: thailand, japan, iraq, kuwait, germany, hungary, and ireland! but there is a lot of paperwork and i hate paperwork. lol. your job will be fun. good luck
I've been in the Army for 13 1/2 years and besides a couple of small boxes I have with me, the bulk of my collection is in storage in Pennsylvania. I am a 19k Armor Crewman, been a Tank Commander for about 5 years. Good luck at basic and AIT, I hope you enjoy the Military.
I appreciate what u guys d0
any brian leonard?
bet of luck to you
can i get a price on these?
-marshawn/wright auto
-gonzo auto
-stanton 1/1
God Bless you Bro..

Need the Lt auto.. pm going to ya
hey man good luck my dads in the army...did you send my end of the trade out yet?
interested in any bowe you might have lmk
Good luck to you! smile.gif
interestedi n LT auto, rivers artifacts patch, rivers face mask
thank you all for your kind words.. i am going to let this soak for the day and i will get all you you quotes by the this evening..
thanks again
barry sanders rookie
sweeney auto
garrett wolfe auto
peterson rc
quinn rc
olsen jersey
aaron ross auto
emmitt gu

19th Century Indiana Jones
Good luck and God be with you!

I think you should take ONE card of your favorite player with you and keep it in a single screw holder. Take it wherever you go. It's a piece of home. smile.gif
good luck man. i went to benning to be an 11B. i'm gonna be a 2nd lieutenant at the end of this year.
How much you looking to get out of the Lance Mitchell Auto?
i have a standing offer of 300 for the whole lot..
i have a ton of material here so that is well beyond a deal:

here are some notable cards and prices:

j. russel dual prime gu /10 bv 70
LT. auto bv 80
bowe playmaker auto bv 38
bowe L13 rc. bv20
bowe lcm ff dual gu
carnell williams prime gu 3clr #/5
pitman prime gu 3clr #/50
rivers prime gu 3 clr #/50
lynch/wright dual auto bv 40..

auto's include:
gains adams bowman
alex smith (tampa) auto rc topps finest blue refractor
maurice clarett bowman
Craphonso thrope finest
adrian mcpherson finest
kevin curtis finest
dj shockley, upperdeck
kevin kolb all confrence press pass legensds
selvin young press pass
kevin kolb press pass
chansi stuckey clasics
garrett wolfe topps chrome
gino guidugli finest
craig davis aspire
darrelle revis press pass
craig davis spx
charlie whitehurst topps
ryne robinson topps
chris henry (bengals) artifacts
charie whitehurst spx
chansi stuckey topps chrome
lance mitchell bowman
scott chandler press pass
aaron ross press pass
craig davis press pass
adam carriker topps chrome
craig bragg blue refractor auto finest
johnny lee higgans topps chrome
legedu naanee spa
chad jackson topps
darren sproles bowmans best
vincent jackson 07 absolute spectrum auto
luis castillo press pass
chris henry (RB) hit
jerome harrison (browns) artifacts
james jones spa
rudi johnson (HAND SIGNED)
laron landry (redemtion) topps chrome
keenan McCardell (HAND SIGNED)
michael huff sweet spot auto..
LT Lcm
gonzo spa
lynch/ wright cosigners
christian fauria fleer
brad smith bowman

i have a ton of rookies that will be going with this lot.. just a bunch of stuff...
i AM keeping 1 card.. my shawne merriman auto rc.. sorry..
but other than that.....
i have a stack of graded cards and some other odd stuff like a michael jordan 23 k gold card.
payton manning 23k gold card gm 10
mickey mantle 23k gold card gm 10
marino gold card etc...

if the deal is right, i can throw in an auto 8x10 of john elway and if the deal is really good, i will throw in an auto jersey of LT with coa! (but thats for a good deal!)
still taking offers!
if you have any questions pm me!
thanks again
still interested in some stuff lmk i still have the gates and jackson
can u please pm me? i like the james jones spa and the lynch and all the other cards i mentioned in the pm. but please lmk, thanks
hey man have you sent the end of my end out on are trade?!
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