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I use to frequent the McFarlane sports board. Now I only check in every so often.

During my quest to find out WHERE IS LOST SERIES 3, I came across one of the coolest custom jobs ever.

Before I get to that, Series 3 is suppose to include; Henry Gale, Sayid, Desmond & Claire. One of the features in the Season 3 dvd is for the McFarlane Lost figures. It's a pretty neat story and it shows them making JULIET!!!! ohmy.gif Hopefully McFarlane will get on the ball and finish these out with the Seasons.

This custom/diorama comes from a board member named greygoose....

The Smoke Monster vs Mr. Eko

user posted image

Check the next post to say how he made it.

cripes! that's awesome ohmy.gif
This is what Smokie is made of....

He started life as some cardboard tubes stuck together:
user posted image

Greygoose proceeded to paper mached over it:
user posted image

He then stuck model railway foliage on to it. "I used far more than what's on this photo."
user posted image

Then he sprayed painted it black
user posted image

Which gives us this thing of beauty.......
user posted image
Cool stuff, makes me want to get back in the basement and work on my model railroad that I've been neglecting...
How you know a TV show has gone to far?

When it has its own action figures.
Man that's awesome.
yeah that is awesome. LOST is the best show ever.
Small talk about McFarlane possibly releasing the remaining Lost toys as exclusives!! ohmy.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Awesome stuff!
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