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Full Version: Golfer charged with killing a bird?
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I couldn't help but laugh...especially at this part
The bird was buried at the golf course and later dug up by Florida investigators.
Funny....meh, to each their own.

The guy was hitting balls at a protected species. Was it aggrivating? Im sure it was, but would you intentially try and kill an animal because you have to say a few lines over again?
No...why didn't they look shoo the bird away or something? unsure.gif
hahahhahhahahahhahahahah wow ...maybe he just wanted target practice and there was nothing else to aim at biggrin.gif
wow man!
it would be funnier if he got like 10 months in prison and the max fine that would be some justice
no that would be dumb considering people kill people and some don't get that...
Well the good news is he got a "birdie" laugh.gif Sorry had to say it.

Actually, what is sad is there were 15 people there who said nothing. You would think someone would have said let me try to scare it with a book or noises before letting him hit golf balls at it.

I know he is a pro but I bet he honestly thought he could not hit it. When I am golfing, I think I can get around the trees and wouldn't you know I hit every one. In this case he probably thought he could hit close to it, but never hit it directly.

It was a sad thing to do and I am sure he will be punished.
What an idiot. We would have not likely heard from this guy based on his golf game...
QUOTE(historian1974 @ Mar 10 2008, 09:24 PM)
What an idiot. We would have not likely heard from this guy based on his golf game...

laugh.gif true

I think the article said he has won like to tournaments in 10 years on some no-name tour
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