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Full Version: Wonder if Upper Deck would do anything with this?
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I was rummaging through my old cards from when I was growing up, and I found this:

user posted image

It does have an expiration date on it, but I wonder if I sent it to UD, if they would send anything back...maybe with a letter saying that it was lost in the mail...

Oh would have been a card of Shaq
I say not a chance.
Awwww...c'mon...there's got to be a chance...

Think I'll even get a letter back?
I have like 5 of these still somewhere. Sadly, I only redeemed one back at the time. sad.gif
No way they would even do anything. That is well over their time limit.
LOL!! Those were huge when they first came out, but I doubt they would do anything with it now.
doubt it.. they'd probably send it back with the expiration date circled in red ink tongue.gif
doesn't hurt to send it smile.gif

you never know!
I have some of those too, no way they still have the cards for those.
It never hurts to send it in.. just dont get your hopes up!
I'm not expecting them to send a Shaq card from 1992...but maybe something else? I was thinking of it as more of a joke, with the possibility of them sending something. The "lost in the mail" idea was supposed to be humorous...

I may try it and see what happens.
2000 rushing yards
yeah i dont think so laugh.gif it only 16 years old
I'd actually like to have one of those redemption cards if anybody wants to trade me one that's in good shape. I'd love to have one for nostalgia (the shaq one that is).

Please PM if you want to trade.
UD is not that nice to give a card for something old
Although if you do send it in, let me know... I have like a lottery redemption card for the 93-94 draft that I never sent in when I was a wee 8 year old tongue.gif
QUOTE(marcus42 @ Mar 5 2008, 02:21 PM)
doesn't hurt to send it smile.gif

you never know!

ik i did it with a topps 2003 finest redemption unfortunately they sent it back with the expiration date circled in red, haha
LOL I remember back when I was a kid busting these like crazy trying to get that card. I only found 2 out of like 3 cases, but if I remember right, UD was super fast back then. Oh well, I have my Shaq RC with the hole punched redemption thats all that matters to me. Traded the other one a long time ago. Cool u dug it up tho.
send it! it will be hilarious!
QUOTE(chopinalex @ Mar 9 2008, 10:36 PM)
send it! it will be hilarious!

NO!!!! Trade it to me!!!! plz? smile.gif
theyd probaly be like WTH?! haha
QUOTE(jam92102 @ Mar 10 2008, 12:25 PM)
NO!!!!  Trade it to me!!!! plz?  smile.gif

I got 2 of them....
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