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Full Version: Whole buncha NPNs
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These aren't all of them in the last 6+ months or so... But the only ones I haven't misplaced!

No pics... Scanner died and camera needs batteries.

2007 Score Football - Red Zone - Frank Gore 36/120

2007 Score Football - Franchise - Shaun Alexander

2007 Donruss Classics Football - Leon Hall RC 100/1499

06-07 SP Game Used Basketball - Authentic Fabrics Dual Swatch - Jason Terry/Josh Howard 79/100

06-07 UD Artifacts Hockey - Tundra Tandems Dual Swatch - Richard Brodeur/Dave Williams 22/25

2006 UD AFL - Arenagraphics (Auto) - Mark Grieb

2007 Topps Baseball - Gold - Saul Rivera 864/2007

2006 Bowman Heritage Baseball - Prospects - Max Ramirez

2006 Topps '52 Baseball - Ryan Garko RC

06-07 Topps Full Court Basketball - Photographers Proof - Andre Miller 1690/1999

2007 Topps - Mantle Home Run History 210

06-07 UD Mini Jersey Collection Hockey - L.A. Kings

None for trade, I like collecting these NPNs, I take the good with the bad for the cost of a stamp.
2000 rushing yards
glad to see a TCCer with a big pot of NPNs congrats man!
Not too bad overall!
Looks like you've done pretty good onthe NPN's
i wish i could win that many npns
Nice pickups via NPN, two GU and an auto.
very nice pick ups, congrats !!!
Thanks guys. smile.gif I just sent out a whole bunch more so we'll see in a month or more how those turn out.
nice stuff man!

ive sent some npns... only rec'd one card tho...
I'm fairly consistent, I'd like to say I've received every Topps NPN I've sent for, within reason. I do them all the same, 3x5 with just my name and address (always done it this way, no matter if they ask for phone number and email), handwritten... If it's non-sports from Topps they usually give you 8 chances for NPN... I've had BAD luck sending all 8 chances on the same day, so stretch it out a little. Topps base set now allows 2, most likely because they won't lose out much on those. Donruss also allows 2 per product. UD use to be 1 per day, now it's just 1 period via their online thingamajig.

I think the worst thing anyone can do is send and NPN out and; A. expect something back, B. expect GU/Auto back, C. expect anything more than a common insert.

Approach it like you're entering a contest, just mail it and forget it. Then a month or more down the road (sometimes up to 6) you'll get a brown envelope in the mail from CA or PA or TX and you're request has been answered. smile.gif

As an aside, I moved in November and I wonder how many Topps NPN's got sent back to the company. I've gotten two Donruss ones forwarded here though... Ah well. smile.gif Only .41 for a stamp!
sweet NPNs!
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