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Full Version: NPN Question - is it ok to?!?
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They specifically say ...(rules)...otherwise will be disqualified!

Just wondering if I can use a mailing label vs printing my name,address, city, state, zip code? Does anyone do this and were you successful?

Using a 4x6 envelop vs a 4x10 envelop?!?

Would like to know thanks
I have sent in a few and havent gotten to much back.. I never noticed the NO Metered Mail clause before so that couldve disqualified me previously!!

Id say ya better follow their rules!
yeah, follow the rules... I sent out some in the very beginning with small envelopes and got nothing back - and you always get something back from Topps - usually.
I would guess Printed labels are not allowed as they say to PRINT everything. Thier rules arent that tough to follow anyways, Better safe than sorry smile.gif
I am a rule follower and have done pretty well for what I have sent in on. I would stick to the rules, you never know, it might get through, but then again you might get the guy who did not have coffee that morning and would toss it without even looking.
well what i do is on the top left of the index card is i put my address label and then in the middle of the card i print my name and address... i have yet to get one back so far, of course it hasnt been to long though... i really hope they dont disqualify me for that unsure.gif
does any1 know if that may be the reason i havent got any back even though i writ out my name as well?
QUOTE(snkpoct137 @ Apr 22 2006, 01:38 PM)
does any1 know if that may be the reason i havent got any back even though i writ out my name as well?

It's hard to say - remember the odds are against you for each NPN, though on the whole if you do enough you should be getting some back. My advice is to follow the rules. I bought a package of 100 index cards, and in my spare time I just write my name/address on each one, then just pull one out whenever I send one in. I use the standard-size envelope - it's like $6 for a box of 500 from your local warehouse club. Index cards are less than a penny a piece.

The one thing I would advise is that Upper Deck also requires email address and phone number, so when I send one to them, I add that info.

Good luck with it. I just got my first yesterday, and I use for the info and try to send in for most NPNs, except the non-sports cards. Just started earlier this year doing this, but will continue.
well that might be another reason i got forgot about email and phone number... i am pretty sure i sent a couple to them... but i do print my name and address but also use a label on the same index card just to verify my address but maybe i should stop doing that
I would not use a label, it could be a disqualification thing as it specifically asks you to "hand write" your name, etc.
that stinks, i thought the more information the better but i guess next time i will just write my name and not put a label with it
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